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Borax Decahydrate 99.5% min
Borax Decahydrate 99.5% min
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[China Supplier]
Contact Person : Ms. Tang Tina
Tel : 86-20-89089654
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Borax Decahydrate 99.5% Min White crystalline powder/granular. industrial/fertilizer grade . 25kg PP bag


Borax Decahydrate

Purity                                                  99.5%

Content of Fe                                        0.002

Content of CO3                                     0.1

Content of Non Dissolved substance    0.04%

Content of SO4                                     0.1%

Content of Cl                                         0.03%

Borax Application :

A. Household products

Borax is used in various household laundry and cleaning products. Borax is also present in some tooth bleaching formulas.

B. Buffer

Sodium borate is used in biochemical and chemical laboratories to make buffers, e.g. for gel electrophoresis of DNA, such as TBE or the newer SB buffer or BBS (borate buffered saline) in coating procedures. Borate buffers (usually at pH 8) are also used as preferential equilibration solution in DMP-based crosslinking reactions.

C. Co-complexing

Borax as a source of borate has been used to take advantage of the co-complexing ability of borate with other agents in water to form complex ions with various substances. Borate and a suitable polymer bed are used to chromatograph non-glycosylated hemoglobin differentially from glycosylated hemoglobin (chiefly HbA1c), which is an indicator of long term hyperglycemia in diabetes mellitus. Borate and a proprietary synthetic amino acid, Deselex (from Henkel) have been used to complex water "hardness" cations to make a non-precipitating water "softener". Borate alone does not have a high affinity for "hardness" cations, although it has been used for that purpose.

D. Flux

A mixture of borax and ammonium chloride is used as a flux when welding iron and steel. It lowers the melting point of the unwanted iron oxide (scale), allowing it to run off. Borax is also used mixed with water as a flux when soldering jewelry metals such as gold or silver. It allows the molten solder to flow evenly over the joint in question. Borax is also a good flux for 'pre-tinning' tungsten with zinc - making the tungsten soft-solderable.

E.Small-scale mining

Borax is replacing mercury as the preferred method for extracting gold in small-scale mining facilities. The method is called the borax method and is used in the Philippines.

F. Putty

Main article: Flubber (material)

A rubbery polymer sometimes called flubber, gluep or glurch can be made by cross linking polyvinyl alcohol with a borax. Making flubber from polyvinyl alcohol based glues, such as Elmer's Glue, and borax is a common elementary education experiment.

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