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Advantage Semi-metallic Front Disc Brake Pad for NISSAN D333
Advantage Semi-metallic Front Disc Brake Pad for NISSAN D333
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[China Supplier]
Contact Person : Mr. Chen Danny
Tel : 86-20-38092032
Fax : 86-20-38032771
Product Detail
Precision Brake Pads for NISSAN OEM No.: D333-7228 Friction coefficient: FF level ISO/TS16949 approval No nosie braking

Key Specifications:


ItemPrecisionautolabs Brake Pad 
Axle LocationFront Axle
Brake systemAKB
Part No.PAL-BDD333
Size    Width : 161mm    Height : 49.8mm     Thickness : 17mm
OEM No.D333-7228   41000-10G08   41060-08N90    41060-G06S0    41060-V7085
ApplicationNISSAN PICK UP (D22) 1997/01 - /NISSAN TERRANO I (WD21) 1986/07 - 1996/02NISSAN VANETTE Box (C22) 1986/10 - 1995/01NISSAN VANETTE Bus (C22) 1986/10 - 1995/12
PackingPAL brand package, or Neutral Package, or Customized.
Lead Time25-35days
Quality warranty30,000-35,000Km 



Products Features & Advantages:


Brake pads are a component of disk brakes used in automotive. Brake pads are steel backing plates with friction material bound to the surface that faces the disk brake rotor. 

Once the brake pedal is pressed, the calipers are activated to squeeze the brake pads against the brake disc, which spins with the wheel. Heat and friction are generated once the pads and the disc are pressed together, causing the wheel to decelerate or stop its motion.

Worn-out brake pads-that is, pads with thinned-out friction material-won't generate the right amount of friction to halt the wheels' motion. In addition, worn-out brake pads can cause damage to the discs. Instead of the friction material making contact with the discs, the steel backing plates might press against the disc, creating grooves on its surface. So in order to work efficiently, the brake pads need to be replaced on a regular basis. 


Why choose  Precisionsautolabs™ auto brake pad?


1. Precisionsautolabs™ auto brake pad is designed and manufactured to match or exceed the quality of the original auto parts. 

Provide excellent stopping power without noise and rotor galling, even on polished rotorsHigh efficiency, low maintenanceNo noiceNo dustReliability and durabilityThe production process achieve highly mechanized      Can be cross refered to various part numbers, such as OEM number, FMSI number, WVA number, FERODO number, TRW number...     2. Precise quality management system.  

3. We provide not only high quality disc brake paad, but also superior and complete customer service. 

 Promise to deliver every filter on time.         Fast, economical development of new products is available, according to your samples or drawings.  Attractive packaging is available. And packing desgin is accepted.OEM/ODM service is available here.

4. In order to meet the demands of our customers worldwide, Precisionsautolabs™ offers a comprehensive range of top quality auto brake parts.


5. PAL brake pads are extensively used in vehicles in Europe, Japan, Korea and America, and our international market is expanding all the time. 


6. TS16949 Standard is applied in the design, development, production and servicing of this auto part. 


More choices as below:

21347GDB766D333D1063M D1194MNISSANTerrano10/87-01/93
21099 D265D1025NISSANKing Cab09/85-01/98
21527GDB1008D462 D485D1092M D1154NISSANPrimera Estate/Wagon07/90-01/98
21526GDB765D469 NISSANPrimera estate07/90-08/91
21341GDB1002 D1145MNISSANLaurel03/86-10/89
23004GDB3180  NISSANPulsar07/95-12/97
21657GDB1170 D1158NISSAN100NX10/90-10/94
21386GDB1175D549D1084M D1151M D1197NISSANAlmera07/96-12/99
24585GDB3117  NISSANCabstar03/89-11/98
21122GDB306D231D1015 D1123NISSAN280ZX09/81-06/83
20128GDB126D041D1005NISSAN100A FII05/76-11/79
21122GDB368D230D1015 D1033MNISSAN300ZX07/87-09/87
21099GDB367D266 D441D1031M D1096MNISSAN300ZX07/83-12/84
21546GDB848 D1180NISSANPrimera05/90-05/99
20718GDB1020D274 D312D1028MNISSANStanza08/81-08/82
 GDB1018  NISSANTerrano10/87-01/93
21734GDB1014D511D1053M D1139MNISSAN100NX10/90-07/96
23381GDB1007D461D1124M D1179NISSAN300ZX01/90-08/96
20958GDB288D233D1018NISSANSunny Estate/Wagon03/82-09/90
20863GDB251 D1073NISSANPatrol R16007/85-08/88
20718GDB213D187 D234D1013NISSANStanza08/81-08/82
20718GDB197D186D1012NISSANSunny Estate/Wagon03/82-05/86
 GDB1006D460D1131M D1178NISSAN300ZX01/90-08/96
21561GDB1003D430 D526 D653 D815D1110M D1119M D1155NISSANMaxima12/88-11/91
21553GDB1010D323 D429D1044M D1113MNISSANMaxima12/88-09/94
20323GDB1493D109 NISSANSkyline GT-R08/97-10/01
21545GDB3092D1187 NISSANAlmera01/00-
20957GDB1004D308D1024 D1055MNISSANMicra07/85-07/92
21344GDB731D452D1091NISSANSunny Estate/Wagon06/86-09/90
23613GDB1442  NISSANInterstar04/02-
23699GDB1470D1205 NISSANInterstar04/02-
23097GDB3227  NISSANAlmera tino04/00
23611GDB3222  NISSANPatrol GR10/97-
23463GDB3168D1147 NISSANPrimera Estate/Wagon02/98-12/01
20863GDB747 D1014NISSANFairlady09/82-06/83
23370GDB748 D1020NISSANCabstar01/82-09/89
 GDB744D358D1077M D1159NISSAN300ZX03/87-12/89
23086GDB3124 D1173MNISSANCefiro10/94-12/99
20853GDB213D187 D234 NISSANBLUEBIRD09/81-12/83
23611GDB3361  NISSANPatrol gr03/00-
23420GDB3312D691 D855 NISSANPathfinder10/97-06/97
23142GDB3381  NISSAN350Z10/02-
23435GDB3354  NISSANAtleon04/01-10/02
23482GDB3292D973 NISSANPrimera01/02
23094GDB3291  NISSANAlmera tino04/01-05/03
21546GDB3271  NISSANAlmera04/00
23184GDB3273D486 D587D1165MNISSANCefiro01/00-10/01
21713GDB3274D540 D595D1186NISSANCefiro01/00-10/01
20289GDB232D057 NISSAN240Z06/70-01/74
23871GDB3294D905 NISSANX-Trail06/01-
21386GDB1141 D1184NISSANSunny10/90-06/95
21716GDB1013D509D1176MNISSANSunny Estate/Wagon10/90-03/00
 GDB1021D479D1047M D1160NISSAN200SX09/88-03/94
 GDB1019 D1007NISSANSilvia08/79-09/83
21481GDB1113  NISSANSerena07/92-09/01
20098GDB745 D1095NISSANPatrol GR08/87-09/87
 GDB7744D1191 NISSANUrvan III00/02
23367 D588D1167MNISSANMaxima qx94/10-00/08
24585GDB3117 D1121NISSANCabstar03/89-11/98
24647 D1193 NISSANALMERA II03-07
23834GDB3416D969 NISSANmaxima 
21580GDB3350D961 NISSAN300ZX01/90-08/96
20725GDB1011 D1011NISSAN280c06/79-04/83
21124  D1019NISSAN  
21735GDB982 D1042NISSANsunny06/96-09/90
21626GDB1059 D1191NISSANmicra08/92-12/02
21854GDB3131D647 D1182D1199MNISSAN200sx04/94-12/99
23970GDB3340D830 NISSANpick up97/01-
23159GDB3272  NISSANPrimera06/99-12/01
23973GDB3332  NISSANmicra01/03-


For further infromation, welcome to contact us!


Advantage Semi-metallic Front Disc Brake Pad for NISSAN D333

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