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Hotsale mosquito killer LED lamp/Mosquito Lamp
Hotsale mosquito killer LED lamp/Mosquito Lamp
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Hotsale mosquito killer LED lamp 1.Mosquito Killer 2.Enviromental 3.Safty and beautiful design 4.LED desigh,Can lighting

Hotsale mosquito killer LED lamp/Mosquito Lamp


   Adopt the most advanced attract and catch mosquito technology of America; Escape from chemical pollution and smoke, efficient, can save money, clean air and be use safely.

Photocatalyst mosquito killer is the newest technology, which is made of the led light source of long lifespan, high efficiency, energy-saving, rather than tube technology. Can attract mosquito with specific wavelength light and simulate human characters, for killing mosquito with best result of health, energy-saving, and environmental protection. This machine is the newest generation Photocatalyst mosquito killer, with led light source, which the lifespan is 10 times longer than general bulb, can save 80% energy; working at all range voltage, escape from influence of unstable voltage, complies with the global voltage standard. With the most advanced photocatalyst material, high efficiency, stable, can clean air and sterilize permanently.

SpecificationRated Voltage : 110V - 220VRated Frequency : 50-60HZRated Power : less than 5WGross Weight :800g

Instruction:1. Should keep the distance of light and the ground between 1-2.5 meter, as higher as possible.

2. Light and people should be used separately, because the light is imitate human ecology to attract mosquito.

3. Darker light make better effect, so its better to turn off other light source.

4,Please do not put the mosquito killer at the air outlet of air conditioner or use it at the place opposite to fan so as to keep the mosquito from being drew into the airstream in the light when it was attracted by the light. If the airstream were switched, the mosquito would not be indrafted in.

5,Open in advance before sleep

6,If you want without mosquito totally,the best ways is add screen window, then

use Mosquito Killer.


Photocatalyst Mosquito Killer are widely used in home (pregnant woman/baby/old man), villa, courtyard, apartment, golf course, holiday resort, park, hospital, pub, play field, forest, meadow, coast, school, kindergarten, restaurant, sport ground, coffee shop, cinema, factory, bus station, building site and farm etc.

Principle introduction     Photocatalyst Mosquito Killer is the high technology product of America top entomologist, biologist and bionicist. It is the most advanced and environmental physical mosquito killer equipment at present. It not only can kill mosquito, but also can clean air and sterilize without using any chemicals. It is the necessary electric appliance for Western countries. Can prevent and control various epidemic disease. This so called “ mosquito magnet “ product, can give out the smell which is similar to human (including carbon dioxide and water), so that can attract vampirism mosquito.

 Principle of mosquito killing Carbon dioxide exhalanted by human is the only matter for attracting mosquitoes, this is proved by scientists. When photocatalyst Mosquito Killer is working, can give out the light, heat, carbon dioxide, steam and air which loved by mosquitoes, imitate human breath, so as to attract mosquitoes, draw away from you, fall into cyclone, make mosquitoes die after dehydration and drying. It can also purify the air and sterilize.

About Photocatalyst: It is a kind of catalyst, it will not consume by itself, the main element is Nanometer TiO2. In light, after combine with the water and oxygen of air, form the strong oxidizing oxyhydrogen, which can resolve the harmful gas and bacterial in the air, and also release CO2 and water. So the photocatalyst has the function of sterilization, Decomposition formaldehyde, benzene and xylene, make sure the indoor air with certain purification. Titanium dioxide is non poisonous and harmless, passed through FDA certificate of USA. This product is widely used in such field: food additive, chewing gun, toothpaste and cosmetics.

   The normal mosquito dispeller are easily cause the air pollution, is not good for pregnant woman, baby and old man. If use the pesticide, mosquito incense or mosquito repellent, easy tends to acute hemolytic reaction, oxygen lack, even causes heart failure, viscera impairment or be transformed into aplastic anemia. So pregnant woman and baby room is absolutely forbidden to use pesticide and mosquito incense.

The best way for them is to use physical mosquito killer. Also if use chemical mosquito killer is easily lead to malformation baby and abortion.

    Why does the Photo catalyst Mosquito Killer is more suitable for the family which have pregnant woman and baby. 

Research shows that the pregnant woman is more easy to bitten by mosquito than others. The researchers hold that the gas exhaled by pregnant woman during her pregnancy contains a number of different chemical matters, so she is more liable to be biting target of female mosquitoes. Moreover, pregnant woman body temperature is high, respiration rate increase 21%, sweating more, is the good place for bacterial live. These two conditions make the pregnant woman more easy to be bitten by mosquitoes.

Infants’ metabolism exuberant is vigorous, skin is delicate, easy sweating, the lactic acid inside of sweat is attractive to mosquito, easy to be bitten by mosquito. After fighting for many years with human, nowadays the mosquito have certain resistance to drugs. So the effective ingredient of pesticide and mosquito incense are being added. 

Hotsale mosquito killer LED lamp/Mosquito Lamp

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