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Infrared Mammary Diagnosis Apparatus
Infrared Mammary Diagnosis Apparatus
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Infrared Mammary Diagnosis Apparatus

Infrared Mammary Diagnosis Apparatus

 The mammary Gland is an important organ of human beings especially for women in form, function andphysiology. And there are also many diseases related to mammary glands. Mammary cancer is one of the commonmalignant tumors for women. The incidence rate of mammary cancer is growing continually with theenvironmental change, which seriously threatens the health of many women. According to the recent 30 yearsclinical treatment experience in China, the death rate of the mammary cancer never lowers down with the changeof treatment method. On the contrary, it shows a growing trend. The main reason is that most of the patients are intheir middle and later stage of the mammary cancer and the treatment fails most because of cancer transferencewith the blood flowing. Therefore, the early discovery of the mammary cancer and in time treatment is theimportant and effective way to improve the cure rate of the mammary cancer.Near infrared diagnostic technique of the breast tumor stemmed from the mammography in the 1920s.Because of the low-level science and technology condition, the apparatus was very simple and doctors had toobserve with naked eyes. Therefore the specificity and sensitivity of the diagnosis was rather low. Withdevelopment of science and technology and further understanding of breast tumor, people improve the specificityand sensitivity of light transmission photography. People at first only used yellow light to pass through the humanbody, and then analyzed and studied the waveform of different types of light, especially the shielding effect ofhuman skin and found the characteristics of the red light and infrared light of specific wavelength when it passesthrough the human body. This discovery therefore set the foundation of the technique of “Near infrared diagnostictechnique of the breast tumor” together with the advanced infrared camera system and the computer imageprocessing system.The Infrared Mammary Diagnosis Apparatus of our company uses the probe to emit the infrared rays to passthrough the mammary glands. According to the different absorbing extent of the near infrared of the haemoglobinin the parenchyma of human body, the camera will take pictures of the piercing image and show clear mammarygland image on the screen after computerized image processing so to provide credible scientific reference for thedoctors to diagnose various benign or malignant diseases of mammary glands in the early stage.

The Infrared Mammary Diagnosis Apparatus uses the probe to emit the infrared to pass through the mammaryglands and the high resolution CCD camera will take picture of the light transmitting image of the mammary glands and send it to the computer. The clear mammary gland picture will then be shown on the high resolution screenafter computerized image processing so to help doctors observe and identify the disease.The infrared ray has a strong piercing ability into the human parenchyma and the hemoglobin in human bloodhas a characteristic of absorbing the near infrared rays selectively. So when infrared light passes through themammary gland, the body part will absorb the near infrared ray and the image of the tissue with pathologicalchanges will show its depth, size, shapes, outlines and the direction and buckling distortion extent of the bloodvessel on the screen to different extent. For example, the cancer image will show preferential absorption of theinfrared light while the benign pathological change absorbs less infrared light. Besides, malignant pathological changes are usually accompanied by changing of the blood vessels so that the parenchyma image of different partsin the mammary gland will show different grey shades. These processed images will show the characteristics ofthe pathological changes. The combination of those factors forms the imaging characteristics of the near infraredmammary diagnosis.

Infrared Mammary Diagnosis Apparatus

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