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CD1 3t-36m electric wire rope hoist
CD1 3t-36m electric wire rope hoist
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1.Electric wire rope hoist 2.Optimized design, perfect manufacture,reliable test 3.Flexible solution for all lifting needs

Product Description

Model CD1 type electric wire rope hoist

1.1 Usage of product

CD1, MD1, HCD1, HMD1 wire electric hoist is a widely used in enterprises which need lifting equipment for lifting heavy objects. Such as mining companies and railways, docks, warehouses.

As it has small shape and easy to matins, and could be installed on single-girder overhead crane and motor-driven single beam suspending crane in straight or curvely shapes, as well as to use with electric wire rope hoists gantry cranes for lifting

1.2 Safety and working conditions The product’s working environment temperature is between -20 °C to +40 °C, and relative humidity of air should within 85%, and within 1000 meters Altitude.

Flammable, explosive and corrosive gases or dust must not be contained.

It is prohibited to manned. It is not allowed to lift molten metal and hot solid metal (if the capacity is less than 10 tons, we can advance the design according related laws)

Operation of the bridge should be strictly according to GB6067-1985 "crane safety regulations" if it is used in open space, it should be protected and be set free from moisture.

The user should consult with the manufacturer if it is used beyond the mentioned conditions and requirements above.

The product’s working level should be according B/T9008.1-2004 "wire rope hoist - Part 1: Types and basic parameters and technical conditions" in the regulations. 2.2 Main structure and working principle of CD1, MD1, wire rope electric hoist

CD1, MD1 rope electric hoist is made up by 3 parts: Hoisting mechanism, operating mechanism and electrical control devices. MD1, HMD1 electric wire rope hoist is based on CD1, which changes hoisting mechanism to dual stator-winding induction generator. It has 2 types’ speeds: normal speed and slow speed. It is different with CD1 rope electric hoist merely in hoisting mechanism and electrical control devices.

2.2.1Hoisting mechanism

CD1, MD1 rope electric hoist’s hoisting mechanism is as following:

The hoisting machine pass elastic coupling and riches reducer’s gear, then drive to hollow Axis,thus to drive roll unit as to make the rope around the drum drive hook unit up or down. Lifting height H = 6m, when Crane capacity <10t, we should use a elastic coupling to connect connect the motor shaft and reducer input shaft.

The elastic coupling is made by 2 spline couplings which would absorbing shock loads and compensate installation error.  The rope guide would prevent steel wire rope mess around

When H ≥ 9m, crane ≤ 10t; H ≥ 6m, weight ≥ 12.5t, we should add an intermediate shaft and a rigid coupling.

When H ≥ 9m, from the weight ≤ 10t; H ≥ 6m, when equipped with a crane ≥ 12.5t, we should add a support frame to increase stability.

The gear reducer adopts three-stage outer-engaged gear pump. The gear and transmission shaft is made by alloy steel, which is made after carburizing and quenching has high strength and good resistance.

Each axis is supported by rolling bearing and uses lubricating oil and smooth transmission, and high efficiency. Between the box and lid there is a "O"-ring rubber seal oil to prevent oil spills. CD1 electric hoist lifting motor is tapered with a brake rotor motor.

The conical rotor in the axial magnetic force power, magnetic force to overcome spring pressure, so that the motor can run. When the power is down, the magnetic pull would disappear then the fan wheel will brake with the pressure of tight pressure of the fan’s cover. The braking device is reliability and has good resistance.

MD1, HMD1 electric hoist lifting motor adopts ZDSI double turbine. It is made by 3 parts: the slow lifting motor hereinafter referred to as "small motor": constant speed lifting motor hereinafter referred to as the "big motor"; slow drive.

Its working principle is as follows:

The small motor connects big motor through slow drive device. When the small motor is powered on, it will rotate with the speed  of 1380r/min, after pass a slow drive, it will drive big fan motor brake wheel (fused with the large rotor) and the rotor.

The big motor’s out put haft speed is only of 1/10 of the small one.

When the big motor is energized, the motor brake is opened; the large motor is rotate with fixed rotation, while the small motor is in a braking state.

The rated load delines, the brake slip shall meet the requirement: S≤V/100

S stands for: brake slips; V stands for: steady lifting distance under rated load

If it exceeding the above requirements, then it should be adjusted.

2.2.2 Operating mechanism

CD1, MD1,the mounted rope electric hoist runs by running gear from the car driven by a pair of driving wheel ,so that the whole electric hoist could moves along the beam track.

The generator also has conical rotor, the brake part has a ring plane and smaller brake torque. It is slow in braking process so as avoid shaking when it stops while lifting heavy objects.

CD1 3t-36m electric wire rope hoist

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