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2011 Hot sales in oversea countries leather gloves
2011 Hot sales in oversea countries leather gloves
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Leather Gloves

First, animal classification. Each animal leather is different, different temperament, according to first introduce the animals. 1. Cowhide is the most widely used, shoes, leather, leather belt ... ... mainly due to the beautiful, soft firmness to achieve a good balance, especially the most important point wide variety of sources.

To identify: small leather fibers feel more flexibility in the hand, extremely fine pores of the front, but you look carefully will find that is not evenly distributed pores, but small groups, somewhat similar to drizzle fell on the ground feel.

Note, however, the cattle and beef are not the same, yellow leather good, fine fibers, leather can feel it; to die compared to buffalo, buffalo hair less thick leather fibers, pores and sparse spacing, leather look will be worse. The cattle in the case of Henan, Shaanxi and other real estate the best leather, and climate are closely related. In addition, there are a lot of foreign cattle, cow, bull or something will be used to make shoes, say Italian leather, that is a lot of different kinds of cow leather in general, different, performance varies. 2. Pigskin leather is actually kind of good, durable, waterproof, but the pig is too hard, leather look really shabby, 7.80 years there are still many domestic pig shoes, but now rare, Even if there is has been forged, and is currently mainly used for pigskin leather (softer after thinning) and lining leather (shoe lining, lining package) and other accessories, all mouth and eating its meat, but unfortunately it leather goods but can not get a grade. Identify: feeling is not reliable (the process is now made of steel plates can be soft, not to mention pigs almost), especially used for the pigskin leather handles very soft. More obvious to see leather, pig skin's pores are all very rules of equilateral three-angle, very clear, of course, some pigskin on the surface will be polished after the glue and then pressed on the leather grain, which is more trouble. 3. Sheepskin is a good thing ah, soft and delicate, but first of all say that the sheep are divided into goat and sheep skin, goat and sheep skin is not the same, sheep wool factory into the tanneries is the traitor, and goats not of one mind. Sheep than goat skin soft and fine fiber, but the intensity of the quality to badly. Sheepskin is primarily for leather, gloves, shoes lining, ladies soft boots, boots. Fatty sheep skin feel soft, leather lining is a choice to do, and mountain sheep because of high strength, has also been used for high-end women's shoes. I personally prefer leather clothing, to have that strong. Identification: in fact, a good sheep identification, feels it is the most Ruannen fine, of course, more obvious is the surface into a scaly texture. Still have to pay attention to distinguish between goats and sheep, sheep skin goat intensity difference than the reason why is because the small number of fibers, combined with fine wool sheep, is reflected in the fish-scale pattern to fine leather and beautiful at the same time soft and fluffy to handle some of the cortex. 4. Deerskin always give you a high-end, elegant impression, may be mainly the shape and number of rare deer impact, in fact, the deer is an herbivore only, but many species, some of the skin surface of the pores , the distance between the larger pores, feel is slightly better than the pig, usually processed into production of leather or suede made of suede shoes. And some very soft and delicate, tactile, but not as good as leather surface is always smooth. Identify: the picture is not specific, saying that an experience it, I hope to give you inspiration. Year to buy local products in Xinjiang, there are a lot of deer leather, feeling the first time I saw how very rough, and Made in striae, this is not the pig's virtues do! At that time, forget where they are directly asked the owner - that Uighur girl. "What are you pigskin it!" She anxious cry: "No pig, not pig!" This reaction is too intense, and I looked back and his boyfriend, that guy is very strong upset the Uygur of the over, and realized he was in Mohammed's uncle to head ah. Made a national taboo Oh, hurry to buy something leave. Note, however, many types of deerskin, I recently saw a deer leather, feel full fatty Rouran but very flexible, very strong pull to reset, or be mistaken for that special soft leather. Be the best ever seen leather fabric, I do not know whether the deer species are different. Also pay attention to "suede" this thing, suede is "Jizi" skin, very soft, breathable absorbent, made of multi-tanned suede, commonly used in making gloves may also be used to clean cars, clean eyes and so on. Because of lack of raw materials after the multi-purpose sheep alternative. Now has become a suede generally referred to, and now many other animals, suede suede leather made after the guest's (suede cow leather to make shoes feel no difference between the intensity is also particularly good, but if the price in line with PM

2011 Hot sales in oversea countries leather gloves

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