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Electroporation beauty instrument/Galvanic Beauty machine/No needle meso therapy
Electroporation beauty instrument/Galvanic Beauty machine/No needle meso therapy
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1.2012 unique design 2.Portable 3.Factory Price 4.Mini Probe for Eyes

Electroporation beauty instrument/Galvanic Beauty machine/No needle meso therapy

This item specially design for the eyes with mini probe.

Main Funtion:-Electroporation-No-needle mecotherapy-Light Emitting Diode-EMS-High frequency

Electroporation:Directly act on the skin, instantly enhance skin tissuepenetration. Under the function of electroshock, there will be formed holes inthe lipid mobilization of cells, at the same time, the hydrophile molecule whichhave not been absorbed originally can penetrate into cells inner. Once the holesforming, withing several seconds to several minutes, it will keep the openingstate according to the length of electroshock.Penetration into the deep skin collagen, hyaluronic acid, such as cosmetic ingredients

Mesoporation:Mainly act on the substance molecule which will be dispersed,help it freely to penetrate into skin inner. Same quality electric charges aremutual repulsion, so it can throw positive current onto positive nutritionmolecule, push nutrition molecule into skin tissues. At the same time, theneutral molecule also will penetrate into skin inner.

LEDBlue light wavelength: 415nm +/- 10nmTreating the acne problem, absorb by PPIX in the acne to destroy the bacteria. Therefore it has excellent result for treating acnes which is suitable for sensitive, acne, and oily skin. At the same time, the blue light can relax the skin and ability to fight allergy.

EMSEMS treatment is advanced technique used widely in beauty area, it combined with Chinese traditional needle therapy stimulate special point(Chinese acupoint), simulate massage, tapping, Chinese Scraping, Acupuncture, this will takes follow function: slimming, improve metabolism, specially to reduce cellulite.

Electric massage therapyThis device belongs to a new generation of bionic current devices. Micro current therapy is advanced technology method of promoting body health and fitness. The fact that muscle movement consumes calories of energy and burns fat in order to get that energy lies at the basis of the method. Low Current is delivered in a specific pattern to achieve body slimming through series of therapies. This slimming method is intended for reduction of excess fat around waist, abdomen, thigh and arm.

When muscles are excited by low frequency current, this causes muscle vibration within certain amplitude. The movement of muscles which is not controlled by will is called passive movement. When this movement happens in the body, burning of energy in the body is more active. Under such circumstances, the amount of consumed oxygen and release of carbon dioxide and water can increase by dozens of times. The consumption of calories in only 60-70 joule per second during usual exercising, but its up to 3000-4000 joule per second during passive movement exercising of the muscle. Similar machines are used to replace some traditional training equipment for athletes to get better results.

Special techniqueElectrophoresis technique: under the function of the electrophoresis field, the cells membrane temporarily appear microporous physics process, as a result, the inner and outer molecules of cells exchange more obviously, it benefits to the cells absorb all kinds of medicines, gene substances, collagen and other large molecules. After the electric field cancellation, the micro pores will be close and no any influence to the cells.

Solve 3 troubles in beauty field:With no use any injectors, by orientation, layer-oriented, ration, to transmit many kinds of nutrition into deep-seated cells, let skin whitening, wrinkle and freckle removal and skin thinning at one step.

The absorption effect is higher over 2000 times than the traditional skin care products.It can be designed by the customers original liquid containers, let the equipment match with the skin care products, very special.

Technical Parameters

-Material: ABS-Voltage:110V-240V-Frequency:50Hz/60Hz-Power:7W-Output frequency:90kHz-LED:blue415nm /red620nm-Net weight:47g-Size:165*35*32mm

Electroporation beauty instrument/Galvanic Beauty machine/No needle meso therapy

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