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BOSCH 91116 BSX 200-201 2-BS 200-201, dynastart carbon brush,starter carbon brush,carbon brush for automobile,
BOSCH 91116 BSX 200-201 2-BS 200-201, dynastart carbon brush,starter carbon brush,carbon brush for automobile,
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BOSCH 91116 BSX 200-201 2-BS 200-201,dynastart carbon brush,starter carbon brush,carbon brush for automobile 1.Small spark,safe

BOSCH   91116 BSX 200-201 2-BS 200-201 ,dynastart carbon brush,starter carbon brush,carbon brush for automobile 

Code No.91116 BSX 200-201 2-BS 200-201
For model

1 004 336 884,885

1 004 320 175

1 004 320 176


VWoverloadProtection starter

Automobile Carbon Brush


we can supply various kinds of automobile carbon brush,our carbon brush has characters ,used such as  long time,low spark.


Products manufactured by automatic carbon brush machines, characteristics as follows: 1. From the appearance point of view: chamfer decent product, appropriate structure standard specifications, the wire’s cross-section and length, not loose, falling off, broken off side, off angle, clamp and so on. 2. From the use of terms: (1) Graphite products using high-quality, long life and do not wear commutator or slip rings, commutator never appears  scratch, rough, ablation and so on. (2) With a good flow properties and set to change commutation , so that spark suppression in the permitted range, and the energy loss is small. (3) When carbon brush runs, no heat, noise, broken, what’s more never change color carbon brush‘s body, no ablation. (4) During the running, It can make the surface of commutator or collector ring quickly form a uniform, moderate and stable oxide film.


Non-standard brush can be designed and be manufactured per buyer's drawing or sample.


Information for your reference




                                                Carbon brush performance


Commutator: Unit must be in good condition, with less than .002" out-of-roundness. Bar edge must be chamfered and there should be no burned edges.Brush Holders:They must be mechanically sound and permit the brush to slide freely. Brush holder fingers must move freely and if the unit consists of constant pressure springs, these springs must be in good condition. Springs that are difficult to move, have an excessive accumulation of carbon, or are worn, will cause excessive brush wear.Brush Holder Angles:The angles should be set to the original manufacturer's specification. Any more than a 2 degree variation in the setting can cause arcing, bar burning, and excessive wear. Brush holders that vary in the angle set to the commutator will cause the unit to be "off neutral".Brush Holder Spring Tension: Maintaining the proper spring pressure reduces arcing, brush wear, heating, and commutator wear. Light spring tension can cause threading and definitely will shorten the brush life. As a general rule, we recommend that the brushes be set at 4 psi pressure. To calculate the pressure, measure the width and thickness of the contact face and calculate as follows:Pressure in Pounds/Brush = (Width x Thickness x 4 psi)Brush Holder Quartering:To insure that the best machine electrical neutral can be achieved, the brush holders must be quartered. Quartering is setting the brush holders at equal distance around the commutator. For a 4 pole machine, the spacing will be every 90 degrees. If the quartering is not properly set, you may experience excessive arcing, heating, brush wear, and commutator wear.Machine Neutral:To obtain optimum machine performance, the brush must be set at the machine electrical neutral. If the unit is off neutral, you may observe sparking under a no-load condition. Depending upon how far off neutral the machine is set, there may be arcing and bar burning.



Carbon Brushes Description




The Principal Dimensions of a Carbon Brush


Note:  We work to NEMA and ANSI tolerances on the dimensions given to us. Width and thickness dimensions should be established accurately. If in doubt, it should be noted that the internal dimensions of the brush holder should be about .003" greater than the nominal dimensions of the brush.


Flexible length is the length from the top of the longest side of the brush to the center of the terminal hole.


The dimensions of "d" on the double shank terminals may vary with the flexible size, reducing as the flexible size increases and the minimum permissible dimension should be stated.


Terminals:Please give the size of opening.


BOSCH 91116 BSX 200-201 2-BS 200-201, dynastart carbon brush,starter carbon brush,carbon brush for automobile,

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