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GY-3300II series high speed chest type of flatwork ironer
GY-3300II series high speed chest type of flatwork ironer
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I.High efficiency performance II.High quality performance III.High efficiency

1.     development situation of chest type of flatwork ironer

 Along with production and usage of industry wash equipment in china gradually accord with international trend, development and production for chest type of flatwork ironer is a popular trend and necessary result.

When chest type of flatwork ironer compare to pressing machine by roller-roller, because of its low consumption for energy, more straight for ironing fabric, high quality,  fast working speed, and so on, so this new flatwork ironer will gradually instead roller type of flatwork ironer and become important pressing product in wash industry of the world.

In 1970s, chest type of flatwork ironer had been successfully invented in oversea country, and experienced hot moving chest, flexible chest and complanate chest. Now in developed country has already eliminated roller type of flatwork ironer.

So chest type of flatwork ironer has enormous potential and market spare in china.

2.     basal working principle introduction for chest type of flatwork ironer

First Put fabric leveled off by hand on moving belt of input cloth, when moving belt run, cloth will be moved into semicircular smooth concave chest heated by steam and rotary roller which is wrapped by felt and can pump humidity. ,then fabric will be heated by concave chest, and move forward by rotary flexible roller which can pump humidity, press, move bed sheet and so on. In order to make fabric get dry, straight and smooth result.

I.                   high efficiency performance

 Finishing ironing for cloth is just only necessary condition in normal work, pivotal point for verifying function lie on finishing hot use of high energy; this is that using lowest energy consumption finish fast ironing result.

Hot power provided by hot source cant complete avoid waste, for instance, radiation waste, humidity pumping, output water and so on.

Because of reasonable system design, hot efficiency yasen chest type of flatwork ironer is K≥70%,common roller just has 45%.

II.           high quality performance

  The most quality difference between chest type of flatwork ironer and roller type of flatwork ironer: when ironing fabric by roller, performance heated is immovable, but chest type of flatwork ironer move cloth by friction, that is that fabric on chest can slide with performance heated, so when fabric is inputted, it can get contrary friction efficiency from two different direction. Friction putting on fabric is stronger than moving fabric forward by ironing chest. Just like ironing clothing using iron, result that iron clothing by iron with no pressure must not be better than ironing clothing with pressure.

III.      high efficiency

   When chest type of flatwork ironer compare to common roller type of flatwork ironer, the former hot rate using is more 1.6 times.

   Chest type of flatwork ironer can work below more high temperature; working temperature of common roller cant be more than 0.6MPa.

   Roller type of flatwork ironer use touching means to iron fabric in no pressure situation, but chest type of flatwork ironer iron by pumping humidity with pressure.

3. advantage and feature of yasen chest type of flatwork ironer

(1)             Complete computer controlling: intuitionistic readable operation screen can make operator easily master and operate, meanwhile, it can avoid wrong operation.

(2)             3.3 meter design adapts to modern development situation for bet sheet and so on.

(3)             Unique input material by front chest and separately heat: this design can assure that heating chest can use efficient heat to carry out heat process for just inputting bed sheet. Then front humid hem of fabric will suddenly become straight and hard in order to direct friction, in the end overcome ruck situation chest type of flatwork ironer often come out.

(4)             High heating efficiency by transition panel can assure that fabric cant be fixed because of cooling when going through transition panel. (Ironing principle of fabric: using outer heating power to vapor humid fabric so that hemp molecule can be again arranged and cooled.)

(5)             Innovation design of special air-way: this design can guarantee that machine can also hold up roller even if machine electricity is suddenly broken off or emergent situation in order to avoid destruction for roller and chest, and injury for people. Meanwhile, balance system of air-way can finish eternal balance pressure for chest panel during working phase.

(6)             Special synchronous belt transmission: this structure can not only run smoothly, low noise, but also avoid unbalance pressure of roller and chest because of installing retarder on sole side.

(7)             Excellent design for vent system: this design can assure that suddenly pump water and eject during ironing fabric in order to make chest keep dry, so that can fleetly iron fabric and mostly reduce consumption of heat energy.

(8)             Adjustable combination with roller and chest: can adjust roller underprop, and assure that roller and chest relatively combine, so that improve effectively ironing performance. Meanwhile cylinder angle carry out diagonal excellent design, it can equalize diagonal pressure in order to assure that whole semicircular of chest type of flatwork ironer get balance pressure.

(9)             This machine set up 6-channel temperature check, when steam pressure is very high or pressure of compression air is very low, it can automatically alert.

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GY-3300II series high speed chest type of flatwork ironer

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