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horizontal belt filter press equipment,vacuum belt filter press
horizontal belt filter press equipment,vacuum belt filter press
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Horizontal belt filter press equipment,vaccum belt filter press 1 Low operation cost 2 Low labor strength 3 Efficient working

Horizontal belt filter press equipment,vacuum belt filter press


Application of vacuum belt filter press:

Padding of agateBoracic acidMagnesium carbonate
Aluminium fluorideBromic saltMagnesium hydroxide
Gel of aluminaZinc saltNickel salt
Aluminium hydroxideCatalyzerPeroxide
Aluminium phosphateDye and the intermediatePhosphoric acid
Aluminium sulphateIndustrial scourDope
Amino AcidFerric oxidePlasticizer
Barium saltAlumina/
MineralsAluminium hydroxideMagnesium hydroxideRutile
Mud of coalMagnese carbonateRecovered matter of silver
Copper concentratesFiltered oreremainderDecomposed product of titanium ore
Golden depositePhosphateSylvine
IlmenniteRed mudTitanium Dioxide
foodAcetic acidCalcium sulphateLactic acid
Decomposed of starchGlutamic acidMaltose
Calcium citrateSucroseProtein
Calcium oxalateCitric acidPlant oil
FertilizerArdealiteCalcium carbonatCalcium uitrate
Calcium Hydrogen PhosphateCalcium sulphate/
Environmental protectionIndustrial waste waterUrban sewageMire,etc


It is suitable for the wide range of materials,

reliable and flexible operation,

high efficiency

low labor strength

the filter cloth long use life

compact structure

convenient operation and maintenance saving

is the ideal dewatering equipment

It is in the reserved filter belt type filter press basis and ensure the original sizing easy, simple operation, reliable, civil engineering equipment and investment characteristics,

as well as some tape type slurry machine wash opening rate low, run, dripping, severe leakage,

replacement filters and time-consuming faults and developed a new type of washing and dewatering products.

Brief introduction of horizontal belt filter press

      This product is the introduction of the world advanced technology and combining with the Chinese domestic materials dehydration actual requirements, etc and transforming into a new generation of vacuum belt type filter continuous level machine,


This equipment use vacuum principle of pulp washing and dewatering, a high degree of automation, lotion dehydration, and the filter cloth as the filter medium, the use of mobile supporting filter plate with forming a vacuum chamber, solid and liquid material level distribution in the filter medium, make full use of pulp gravity and vacuum suction filter to realize firm separation. Material from next makings, vacuum dehydration, filter cake washing, slag off to the cloth wash in continuously synchronously, solid-liquid dehydration ability, filtering effect and can be used in solid-liquid separation of materials, widely used in citric acid, phosphoric acid, fine chemical, dyeing intermediates, ore dressing, metallurgy, pulp and paper, food, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, and other fields.

Working process:

1.Vacuum trip  Filtering trip beginning, pulp is uniform in filtering take, filter plate and filters synchronous forward movement, with the pulp of filter in vacuum suction operations under the action of slurry, until the vacuum dish to metal sensors, cut off the vacuum so far.

2.Return trip

   At this time the filter machine to continue at the same speed moved forward, and vacuum dish met contacts spacing device, vacuum switch valve action, filter plate to immediately release the vacuum, vacuum filter plate was delayed 0.5 seconds to return to cylinder quickly dragged back to the original location, so that the cycle of be vacuum suction filter process.

3.Washing, blot, discharging slag process

   Filter the pulp with the vacuum suction filter, in order to better solution from the filter cake or recycling for out of it DuoCi against washing, will filter cake wash, the filter cake can small mother content to 0.1%.

After washing the filter cake sucked dry area blot, filter cake content and varies according to the material, the filter cake of washing, sucked dry by head round after radius of change and the song filter scraper will the dissection of the unloading.

4. The cloth wash regeneration

Filters is equipped with high pressure flushing device, since filters filter cake after stripping into cleaning link, to prepare for continuous operation of equipment.


Vacuum switch valve working principle

1.Function of vacuum switch valve:

Vacuum switch valve is PBF type consecutive vacuum belt type filter machine level one of important parts. Through the vacuum switch valve two-way switch, make continuous vacuum belt type filter machine level filtrate with control ruled out. Filters dragged to the vacuum filter plate with speed homonymous moved forward, with the pulp of filter under the action of forces in vacuum, vacuum filter plate until met trip contacts spacing device, and the gas control device reversing, this time the vacuum switch valve action program, turn off the vacuum channels open air channel vacuum dish to immediately release the vacuum and be returned back to the original starting location in drag cylinder, and at the same time limit contacts to signal, start switch valve recovery procedure action, turn off the air, open channel vacuum, vacuum system through, so go round and round switch procedures.


2.Working principle:

     When compressed air cylinder head into the cylinder by the intake, the pistons downward motion, drive small seal seat to shut down and seal under vacuum orientation float, opened the atmosphere, completed the first switch program action, vacuum filter dish to return to the starting position, the trip contacts spacing device signal occurs, compressed air through the inlet into the cylinder, promote small pistons uplink, when compressed air forces greater than the vacuum suction, piston driven up small seal seat on vacuum, vacuum chamber and automatic vent connected tank, filtered. So go round and round, and a two-way switch.


Automatic liquid discharge can work principle

is automatic liquid discharge under vacuum conditions of gas-liquid separation common equipment. It can be divided into leverage buoy type and gas-liquid conversion separated, lever buoy type flexibility gas and liquid separated conversion than poor, so gradually be separated out gas and liquid, gas to liquid conversion separated by tanks, sealing head, supporting feet, gas to liquid import, discharge valve of liquid.

Work initial state, liquid discharge valve is closed, filling body in a vacuum state, gas to liquid mixture from import is tangent filling into the body. Liquid centrifugal force of its own gravity by rotation and with gas separation, when vacuum filter plate and switch valve borrow trip contacts spacing device cut off a vacuum, air through the imported into irrigation body, make the body cavity and filling liquid discharge valve of air pressure in balance.

Because the body weight of filling liquid and gas pressure than the pressure of the atmosphere, liquid discharge valve opens the liquid discharge irrigation outside, so go round and round. Complete vacuum system automatic liquid discharge process. 

horizontal belt filter press equipment,vacuum belt filter press

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