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Sell XSC Rotating Umbrella Highly Efficient Electrostatic Precipitator
Sell XSC Rotating Umbrella Highly Efficient Electrostatic Precipitator
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The electrostatic precipitator is consistent with dust removal efficiency, pressure loss, low maintenance costs, low power consu

, The capture of dust particlesIn the electrostatic precipitator, the charge electrode different dust powder in the role of the electric force to the different polarity of the electrode movement. Part of the charged dust particles and corona in the Corona area and near the Corona area close to the pole of opposite polarity, so he deposited in the corona on the I Corona area, trapping a small number. Corona outside the area of the dust particles, the vast majority with a corona of the same polarity charge, So, when the charged particles close to the collecting pole surface, plate deposition and captured. Dust capture a number of factors. Such as dust resistance, dielectric constant and density of the gas flow rate, temperature, electric field of the V - A characteristics, as well as collecting polar surface state. From theoretically the impact of each of these factors are expressed is not possible, therefore, the dust particles in the trapping process of the electrostatic precipitator, you need to test or experience to determine the influence of various factors.The trajectories of the particles in an electric field depends largely on the flow state and the combined effects of electric field, the status and nature of the airflow is to determine the basis of the dust particles captured.State principles of air flow can be laminar or turbulent. The trajectory of dust particles under laminar flow conditions can be regarded as the flow velocity vector of the driving speed and, as shown in as shown.Dust particles in the electric field is shown in the figure in the turbulent flow conditions, from the figure we can see that the way of dust movement is almost entirely dominated by turbulence, dust particles accidentally enter the Coulomb force can work only when the laminar boundary area , the dust only may be captured. At this movement way through the electrostatic precipitator dust particles not only can not select it, it is impossible to select it into the border zone location, is likely to directly enter the boundary layer through electrostatic precipitators without. In this case, apparently dust particles can not be collecting a very picking set. Therefore, the dust particles whether captured is a probability problem. The single particle collection efficiency is zero, or 100%. The capture probability of the electrostatic precipitator dust collection efficiency.1922 German multi according to the odd (Deutsch) made the following assumptions to derive the equation for calculating the efficiency of electrostatic precipitator dust.a, dust particles enter the electric field immediately after charge.b, turbulence and diffusion make the precipitator any length surface of the dust particles are uniformly distributed.dust suffered airflow resistance of the electrode movement is in the range of viscous flow, Stokes' Law can be applied.d, the dust particles to each other far enough, you can ignore the repulsion between the particles of the same charge polarity.e, collecting very near the surface of dust particles in the driving speed, for all the dust is a constant, compared with the flow velocity is very small.f, do not consider the erosion, the second foot Yang, anti-corona and dust cohesion and other factors.Figure 6-9 and Figure 6-10 indicate deduced tubular electrostatic precipitator collection efficiency formula motioned and plate electrostatic precipitator dust trapping.Collection efficiency and the electric field is proportional to the length of tube and plate electrostatic precipitator electric field length and guide pole spacing, the flow velocity in the tube electrostatic precipitators plate electrostatic precipitators.By the odd formula is the theoretical formula of export push down in a lot of assumptions, there are differences with the measured results. To this end, many scholars theoretical formula was amended to make it as far as possible with the measured near. But still use the above formula as an analytical evaluation of the theoretical basis of the electrostatic precipitator.

Sell XSC Rotating Umbrella Highly Efficient Electrostatic Precipitator

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