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CCD series Ultrasonic Extraction Plant
CCD series Ultrasonic Extraction Plant
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CCD Ultrasonic Extraction Plant Extraction, filtration, evaporation, concentration in one plant.

 CCD series Ultrasonic Extraction Device

(Extraction device, ultrasonic, supersonic)


The CCD the ultrasonic extraction device, proceed  manufacturing, inspection before acceptance according to my factory business enterprise standard, and accord with the GB150-1998 steel system pressure container standard request, the parts material is all to request according to the GMP, hull and tight firmware adopt 304 material manufacturing. The equipment is composed of four-parts include ultrasonic power supply(occurrence machine), immersion type vibrator, cc, reduction gear dynamic displacement equipment ,and outfit link the flange ( loose joint snap ring), sealing mat slice, can realize long-distance leaving the remote control operates, prevent blast and wet, being applicable to various working conditon.

The series that my factory produce the ultrasonic extraction production line is applicable to extraction, filtration, evaporation, concentration in the Chinese herbal medicine material, biochemical medicine and gricultural and sideline products that is processed further, industry of fine chemicals, health products drinks along with others natural products. The device construction tightly packed, design forerunner, manufacturing excellent, have characteristics of the production safety dependable, operation simple easy to learn, install and maintain convenience etc.

My factory can recast the original Chinese herbal medicine in customer into ultrasonic Chinese herbal medicine to extraction the device, attaining the machine much uses. Increase high-efficiency 25 times.


1.Extraction the temperature low, and automatic control in temperature. The low temperature extraction, the result the best, can't break its medicine to the heat sensitive medicine.

2. Highly effective extraction , compare the tradition extraction the method increases 20% 50%, save the medicine material resources.

3. A short time of extraction (about 1 hours/batch), plenary extraction (two times/batch), and increases production speed, save the energy, increase the output, reduce the workshop area;

4.Liquid of extraction its solid and liquid separates many classes turns, increasing the quantity of extraction liquid, be propitious to the raw material medicine to turn purely.


1.Extraction device adopts it the arouse type the super a power supply, circuit succinctness, turnover rate high, adopt flap the dip into type the whole sealing construction, high frequency cable conductor whose length makes selection arbitrarily, install convenient and can apply every kinds of working condition.2. The section of flap the dip into type contains triangle, exact square, and pentagon. Make flap swing at the certain angle in the work if establish deceleration machine driving organization in super a wave extraction device top, make super a wave distributed in extraction device more well-proportioned, sooner, highly effective extraction the valid material.3.The flap dip into inside super to raise an extraction the capacity to selects by examinations with the liquid the best super power.4.Flap a super and strong resin for flapping son and hull adoption possessing singly that match the inside glue to connect with rub to weld the combinative conjunction method, can bear the bigger shearing slices the dint, changing can the machine service life is long.5.Flap the dip into type with super a frequency power supply establishes, setup subsection instructions light at electric control trunk, show every parts working condition of flap the dip into type, easy to operation with maintain.6.Flap the dip into type is installed along the inside stalk line, can make matters extracted to absorb well wave energy, come into well-proportioned cogitate, make blast-off wave, glint the wave use of well. Be propitious to mass transfer, prevent wave, prevent voice, prevent radiation, accord with the environmental protection request, reducing prevent voice accessories, saving the manufacturing cost.

Work principle and crafts process:

High frequency oscillation signal by ultrasonic generator send out, passes flap the dip into type convert to high frequency mechanical oscillations and spreads to medium extraction liquid inside, super a wave radiates sparse by thick forward alternately in extraction liquid, making the liquid flap but come to much more small spirits steeps, these spiritless steeps to formation, growth at the super a wave pressing area of spreads lengthways, and shut to match quickly. In this kind of process named "cavities", continuously function in solute, make Chinese herbal medicine material and other natural material produce turbulent motion effect in solution, make boundary layer reduced thin, come into boundary layer effect ,augment mass transfer area of solid and liquid, Neumann effect and activate separation material, reach to purpose of extracting effective componentsCreation craft of transducer will achieve as follows request:

1) Environment temperature:-2040 2) Atmospheric pressure:86106 kpa, tightness pressure test 0.15Mpa flaps to match the constant form, flapping the dollar do not fall off.3) Power supply electric voltage:220 10% of ±s.Normal work in 1% in a ±

Install usage and announcements

1.The super a wave generator (power supply) should be installed in air condition (or appropriation) control box.2.after Install completed, should add the water the air freight turn the pilot-runs, checking noise and cavities efficient. 3.before cut in the power supply, first infusing solvent into extraction inside( water or ethanol), the liquid surface should immerge the flap the dip into type completely ,connect well the flap the dip into type with the high frequency cable conductor in generator and extraction ( before opening the extraction ,must infuse into solvent, the flap the dip into type , otherwise will damage transducer)4.If open the machine ,over loading indicator light bright, should shut down to check the machine load the condition whether accommodation with machines whether have other excrescent circumstance or not, after getting rid of the troubles, then opening again the machine to work.5.during normally revolve, temperature of extraction the liquid should be controlled at 60 below. when Temperature is over high , we may shut down first, let out parts of solvent (water)in extraction ,then add some fresh water to prescriptive depth, can't change all extraction the liquid a time, very cold and very hot will damage transducer.6.extraction the craft completed, turning off the mainframe power supply, cut off the appropriative control switch, then put to extraction the liquid (liquid and dregs), no-no put to liquid and dregs before shutting down power supply. 7.The wind machine in the right of generator is used to heat emission whole machine, if solvent is flammability and explosive, should check sealing and increase preventing explosive's ability of cable tie-in.

CCD series Ultrasonic Extraction Plant

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