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YA-01L Waterproof Breathable Membrane with Fabric Laminating Machine
YA-01L Waterproof Breathable Membrane with Fabric Laminating Machine
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Product Detail
1 Fabric laminating machine with dot shape gluing, good breathability 2 Feel soft, waterproof and breathable, washable, etc.


 Laminating machine mainly used in a variety of waterproof breathable membrane laminated with fabric, also fabric laminated with fabric are available.


1,The products processed by this machine feel soft, good handle, waterproof, ventilative and washable.

2.After the process, it does not change the materials original texture, this is an effect that the traditional sticking machine is unable to achieve.

3 The unique way of cementing has saved cement a lot.

4. The unique reasonable way in cementing make the quantity of cement extremely well and can use water-based and solvent-based glue for processing.

5. It also has a long time suitable without distort and other good characteristics such as even, comfortable handle, permeability.

6.Surface of heating roller is coated with Teflon in order to  efficacious prevent the hot melt adhesive against sticking on the surface of roller and carbonization

7. It equipped with speed regulation system VVVF control, and automatic temperature control system; it also can measure the length, easy to control production output and product quality.

8.Spreading width can be momentarily designed according to the clients requirement to control the cementing amount,diameter of heating roller is optional

9. Adjust the speed of heating roller according to the working requirement,both colloid trough and heating roller can control temperature independently.

10. New design structure, reliable technology, easy operation, low breakdown rate, long service time.

11. High-efficiency cooling device insure the application range of the basic materials.

 Main parameter:






52 KW

Motive Power

5HP+2HP+1HP(computer VVVF)

Standard for heated roller

Φ1500*1830 mm

Working Width

1830 mm (72'')

Working Speed

0-45 m/min

Range of applicationThis laminating machine is siutable for producting  as following:

1. Outdoor products making, such as making cap, waterproof breathable TPU, PU with fabric, etc

2. Clothmaking materials, such as fabric with sponge, fabric with waterproof film, fabric with fabric, fabric with fur, etc

Caution for using YA-01L Waterproof Breathable Membrane Laminating Machine :

1. The machine surface should be without watermarks, oil, dust, debris, large drum, mesh belt, rolling wheels, idler pulley, plastic pots, plastic roller, pulp wheel, knife plate should wipe, wash clean.

2. Strictly prohibited on-load open, barrier gate.

3. Motor can never exceed the load (110%); accelerate, deceleration turning "speed adjustment" knob should be careful, and gradually transferred to the required speed, or easily damaged motor.

4. Forbid to operate "positive inversion switch" when machinery is in running, otherwise fragile to damage converter and motor.

5. To adjust the wheel of stepless variable speed machine can fine-tune the tightness of gluing when machine running, keep material speed synchronous with the heating roller, but prohibit to rotate the hand wheel when machine stop, (that is to say can not change speed), Otherwise, easy to damage stepless gearbox.

6. Keep waxing regularly on stepless gearbox, motor belts, often add oil in chains, bearings, cylinder stroke, and change oil regularly in worm gear reducer to ensure its lubrication, running well.

7. Under normal circumstances, "Manual / Auto" switch of electrical panel box should be at "automatic" position, electric eyes, limit switch works, or else mesh belt does not adjust automatically lead to run out the roller (accompanied by alarm sound continuously), in this case, stop as soon as possible, and re-adjust the location of mesh belt.

8. Mesh belt adjusted edge automatically only when the main engine in the "Forward" situation.

9. When work stopped, if the temperature table shows heated roller temperature above 80 degrees, it is prohibited strictly to stop running big rollers, or else damage mesh belt due to high temperature, it at your own risk, our company is not listed income within the scope of the warranty. Therefore, must let the mesh belt (big drum) keep running until the temperature below 80 degrees table showed, then stop. Out of work, the rubber roller are not allowed to pressure on the heated wheel, free state must be left vacant place.

10. Handle scraper board carefully, otherwise easy to damage the gluing embossing roller.

11. Big electric box should open regularly t check the time relay and intermediate relay whether loose or not, inside dust, cotton and other dirty (miscellaneous) material to be removed regularly to prevent blockage of cooling channel converter inconvenience of the machine.

12. Inverters data has been set well before leaving the factory, non-professionals is strictly prohibited to change, set, disassembly and repair.

YA-01L Waterproof Breathable Membrane with Fabric Laminating Machine

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