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Pigment Blue 15: 4
Pigment Blue 15: 4
Supplier Info
[China Supplier]
Contact Person : Mr. PENG ZHUHUI
Tel : 86-21-61728608
Fax : 86-21-52808078
Product Detail
Pigment Blue 15: 4 Mainly use in Solvent Base Inks and Plastic etc.

Product Description

Pigment Blue 15: 4 Ph: 7 Density: 1. 6-1. 8 Oil Absorption: ≤40% Light Fastness: 7 Heat Resistance: 200 Water Resistance: 5 Oil Resistance: 5 Acid Resistance: 5 Alkali Resistance: 5 Alcohol Resistance: 5 Mainly use in Solvent Base Inks and Plastic etc. Products as follow, Organic Pigment: The Series of Pigment Yellow, Pigment Yellow 1(Fast Yellow G), Pigment Yellow 3(Fast Yellow 10G), Pigment Yellow 12(Benzidine Yellow G-O, Benzidine Yellow G-TR), Pigment Yellow 13(Fast Yellow GR), Pigment Yellow 14(Fast Yellow 2GS, Fast Yellow 2GS-TR), Pigment Yellow 17(Fast Yellow 2G), Pigment Yellow 62(Fast Yellow TRP), Pigment Yellow 65(Fast Yellow RN), Pigment Yellow 74(Fast Yellow 5GX), Pigment Yellow 83(Fast Yellow HR, Fast Yellow HRZ), Pigment Yellow 151(Fast Yellow H4G), Pigment Yellow 168(Fast Yellow JS-GRP), Pigment Yellow 174(Fast Yellow JS-LBE), Pigment Yellow 188(Fast Yellow JS-RP), Pigment Yellow 191(Fast Yellow JS-RP), etc The Series of Pigment Orange, Pigment Orange 5(Fast Orange RN), Pigment Orange 16(Benzidine Orange), Pigment Orange 34(Fast Orange RL), Pigment Orange 36(Fast Orange HL), etc. The Series of Pigment Red, Pigment Red 2(Permanent Red F2R), Pigment Red 3(Toluidine Red RN), Pigment Red 4(Vermilion R), Pigment Red 8(Permanent Red F4R), Pigment Red 21(Fast Red 2R), Pigment Red 22(Briliant Red), Pigment Red 23(Fast Rose Red), Pigment Red 31(Permanent Red FB), Pigment Red 48: 1(Fast Red BBN, Fast Red BBN-NBP), Pigment Red 48: 2(Brilliant Red BBC), Pigment Red 48: 3(Fast Red BBS), Pigment Red 48: 4(Fast Red BBM), Pigment Red 49: 1(Lithol Red R, Lithol Red R-W), Pigment Red 49: 2(Lithol Dark Red), Pigment Red 52: 1( Brilliant Red S6B), Pigment Red 53: 1(Lake Red C, Lake Red C-GH), Pigment Red 57: 1(Lithol Rubine BK, Lithol Rubine A6B, Lithol Rubine BK-W, Carmine Red 6B), Pigment Red 63: 1(Lithol Bordeaux 2R), Pigment Red 81(Fast Pink Toner, Fast Pink Lake G), Pigment Red 112(Permanent Red FGR), Pigment Red 122(Quindo Red), Pigment Red 146(Permanent Red FBB), Pigment Red 170(Permanent Red F5RK, Permanent Red F3RK),etc. The Series of Pigment Blue, Pigment Blue 1(Fast Blue Toner R, Fast Blue Lake BO), Pigment Blue 15: 0(Fast Blue B), Pigment Blue 15: 1(Fast Blue BS), Pigment Blue 15: 2(Fast Blue BNT), Pigment Blue 15: 3(Fast Blue BGS), Pigment Blue 15: 4(Fast Blue BGN), etc. The Series of Pigment Violet, Pigment Violet 1(Fast Rose Lake B, Fast Rose Toner), Pigment Violet 3(Fast Violet Toner R, Fast Violet Lake), Pigment Violet 19(Quindo Violet), Pigment Violet 23(Permanent Violet RL-R, Permanent Violet RL-B), Pigment Violet 27(Permanent Violet) etc. The Series of Pigment Green, Pigment Green7(Fast Green G), Pigment Green 8 etc. Inorganic Pigment: Pigment Yellow:Pigment Yellow 34(Lemon Chrome Yellow, Light Chrome Yellow, Medium Chrome Yellow, Deep Chrome Yellow, Orange Chrome Yellow), Pigment Yellow 36(Zinc Chrome Yellow) etc. Pigment Blue:Pigment Blue 27(Milori Blue) etc. Pigment Red: Pigment Red 104(Molybdate Red 107, Molybdate Red 207, Molybdate Red 307) etc. Pigment Orange:Pigment Orange 21(Molybdate Orange) etc.


Pigment Blue 15: 4

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