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Oxyhydrogen Plasma Flame Cutting Machine PF3500
Oxyhydrogen Plasma Flame Cutting Machine PF3500
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Oxy-hydrogen plz welding cutting machine is portable multi-function plasma welding,cutting,high-energy flame heating equipment.

1. What is oxy-hydrogen plasma flame machine:

Our Okay Energy water fuel oxyhydrogen flame plasma cutting machine is made up of Power and Shot Gun and Electrical cable and related accessories.Its weight just 9kg. It just adopts water and electricity as fuel. The Shot Gun erupts oxyhydrogen plasma beam flame to do cutting work.

2.The principle of oxy-hydrogen plasma flame machine:

The inner nozzle of shot gun and electrode produce electric arc to make their water evaporate first and then produce ionization, form the plasma state.Then plasma beam erupts from shot gun.Its temperature is up to about 8000 degree, therefore it can cut, weld, braze non-flammable material and do quenching, spraying, heatting, workpiece shaping and other forms of  flame processing.

2. Features:

Difference compared with normal air plasma cutting machine:

Normal plasma cutting machine

Okay Energy water fuel oxy-hydrogen flame plasma cutting machine


Need to compress air

Don't need to compress air, no need air compressor, transformer, gas cylinder and other auxiliary appliances

In the same cutting thickness condition, water fuel plasma cutting machine power consumption is less.


No flame

Generating oxy-hydrogen flame, the temperature can be reached as high as 8000 degree


Generating powders in the process of cutting

It not only will not generate powders but also can prevent the powders from spreading.



Light just 9kg, portable with its knapsack

Difference compared with normal air plasma cutting machine:

Normal flame cutting machine

Okay Energy water fuel oxy-hydrogen flame plasma cutting machine


Need oxygen cylinder

No need oxygen and air


Temperature just is 3400 degree

Temperature can be reached as high as 8000 degree


In general condition, it can't cut stainless steel,titanium plate, non-metal, quartz glass tube.

In general condition, it can cut stainless steel,titanium plate, non-metal, quartz glass tube.

Features of Water fuel oxyhydrogen flame cutting machine:

1. Using water as material,no need any auxiliary equipment and no need industrial gas to do protection.

2. The power is convenient and energy saving.

Our machine can be normal used in between110V to 253V voltage, a generator with 4kw/h can meet work demand when no power supply.

3. Safe and Environment-friendly

No harmful gas produced, no any harmful to environment and operation person. And the ultraviolet ray is very weak, people can work just with No. 5 goggles.

4. Multi-functionality

It can cut and weld various kinds of metal (such as carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, copper kind, aluminum alloy etc), and can weld, braze dissimilar metal, and can also cutting insulation materials, such as the quartz glass, ceramic, cement, stone etc non-combustible material.

3. Application

(1) varied metals and nonmetals welding, cutting, heating and etc, such as light welding, copper tube of air-condition welding, battery welding

(2) automobile light steel processing, house operation, building decoration

(3) heating system, drainage system, power system, roof processing, refrigerator repair, exhaustion system and other installation and maintenance operations

(4) varied pipes operation, underground tunnel operation, ship's rail processing

(5) steel structural installation

(6) shedding, tapping, hole burning, welding and melting to surface, heating ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal, concrete and other material partly

(7) jewel processing, glass fabric processing precisely

(8) spraying and shaping to surface (such as edge quenching, concrete surface melting)

(9) metal structure anti-corrosion protection

(10) utilization of waste and other aspects.

4. Composition

 It is made up of plasma generator power supply, shot gun, electrical cable,dedicated portable shoulder bag for welder and related accessories. 

5. Technical Parameters

PF3500AC Voltage Requirement110V/220V ±10%
Rated Power3.5kw/h
Rated Current32A/16A
Dimension- L*W*H380mm*190mm*140mm
Torch Weight0.9kg
Flame Temperature8000°C
Welding Typeelectro gas welding
Steel Cutting Thichness< 6mm
Steel Cutting Speed>7mm/s (when thickness of steel is less than 2mm)
Steel Kerf<1.5mm
Liquid Consumption<0.25L/H

Oxyhydrogen Plasma Flame Cutting Machine PF3500

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