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Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipe machine
Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipe machine
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Large diameter steel reinforced polyethylene spiral corrugated pipe is developed by Goldstone based

At present the composite pipe has been widely used in many applications and various steel-plastic composite pipes have been developed. The Steel Reinforced Polyethylene Spiral Corrugated Pipe (SRPCP pipe) in one of the best solutions among those pipes, which has been researched by Goldstone company with Chinese patent. It is a great technical innovation to use the steel-plastic composite construction instead of the single material (plastic) for sewage and drain pipe system. The new composed structure brings many advantages like higher stiffness, less weight, low cost, large diameter, etc.

The new pipe has showed its irreplaceable advantages and competition in market in a short time. More than 120 pipe production lines have been started up in China and some machines have been exported to Italy, Israel, Russia, Turkey and Middle East with technical transferring. We believe that the SRPCP pipe will be one of the ideal drain pipe system for future.

 Pipe Structure

The elastic modulus of carbon steel is almost 200 times higher than polyethylene; its value is about 190,000 Mpa however the polyethylene is around 800Mpa only. So if we can combine the advantages of both steel and plastic, that will be an ideal method to get a perfect pipe with high stiffness and less cost. The question is how to compose two kinds of material in a good way, keep their benefits but avoid the defects, to let them complement each other. There are many manufacturers are researching the answer of this question, among them, the Chinese SRPCP pipe is absolutely a relative nice and successful solution for the composite pipe proved by mass evidences since 2003.

 From the diagram we know that the main pipe body of MRP is formed by the HDPE layer (inner and outer layer), and V-shape steel band which pre-coated with adhesive resin on the surface undertakes the primary support of the pipe; the steel and HDPE is wrapped on the mandrel and bond together to be one integrated spiral-corrugated pipe. Thereby, this new pipe collects advantages from different materials organically, high rigidity and strength of steel; anticorrosive, wear proof properties and flexible of plastics.

 Advantages of the reinforced pipe

1) High ring stiffness

For normal buried sewage plastic structure wall pipe, its maximum ring stiffness is difficult to over SN8. But in new pipe, stiffness can easily reach the surprisingly value of SN8, SN12.5 and SN16, even higher if necessary. In other hand, thanks to plastic properties, the plastic-steel-plastic composite structure could against corrosion very well.Therefore, this composite corrosive-proof pipe could be applied under different kinds of hard conditions. For example, at some coastal areas, due to the soil contains corrosive substance, the concrete pipe will be invalid after a short service time; then the users hope to have a kind of plastic sewage pipe with outstanding anti-corrosive property. But in the past, there is no such high ring stiffness plastic pipe could be selected, and now the new composite plastic pipe gives them a good solution.

 2) Saving material cost

Besides the enhanced performance, the other primary advantage is that the new pipe can save material cost obviously. In general it will be thinking as a great improvement if any technique innovation could reduce the material consumption in 10%. However, the steel reinforced polyethylene spiral corrugated pipe has saved the plastic consumption nearly in 50% when compared with other plastic sewage pipe in same diameter and ring stiffness. It is an exciting value for production cost reducing. The reason is that the elastic modulus of carbon steel is 200 times higher than polyethylene. When the thin steel band is formed into the reinforced rib of the pipe, the ring stiffness contributed by it will be far over than the effect of a very thick polyethylene structure layer. The composite pipe can obtain the desired stiffness easily by adjusting the thickness of steel band and the height of steel rib. In MRP pipe, polyethylene is just provide a corrosion protection and anti-abrasion effect, thus, the amount of polyethylene is not too much, as well the steel rib material because the stiffness is already high enough.The polyethylene weight of the composite pipe is only 2/3 of the full plastic pipe; this is a very valuable solution to reduce the material cost under the situation of the plastic price continuous raising.

 3) Perfect bonding of steel to plastic

The key point of successful steel reinforced structure is the bonding of steel to plastic. It request that the steel must stick on the plastic firmly, the separate of any two layers is not allowed. To get the perfect bonding performance, we have done a lot of research and examination during the pipe development. Now the process is that steel band will be pre-coated with a special bond resin in order to create a medium layer between the steel and plastic; on the other hand, the processing temperature, pressure and press-cooling time will be strict control to ensure the fusion and bonding has fulfilled under the best proper conditions.

The other process point is to protect the metal layer out of corrosion. In MRP pipe, the steel rib is completely covered with polyethylene, the liquid, air and soil cannot contact with the steel reinforcement, so it guarantee the anti-corrosive performance of the MRP pipe.

 Connection System

This pipe system provides different connecting method to match the varied demand of credible sealing and convenient installation preferably. As well, the MRP pipe has many properties relative to other plastic drain pipe, such as reliable water sealing, long service life, flexible and earthquake-proof, less weight, easy and fast installation, etc.



Ring Stiffness

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Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipe machine

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