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excellent color stability , anti-corrosive pvc colored corrugated sheet
excellent color stability , anti-corrosive pvc colored corrugated sheet
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China HongLu PVC corrugated sheet : rich color ,no fading and corrosion resistance ; long service life and easy to install

HOLu brand PVC corrugated sheet  (Royal style)

Brief introduction: 

PVC corrugated sheet - Specification

PVC corrugated sheet w-900 (medium wave)

PVC  corrugated sheet w-720(medium wave)

PVC corrugated sheet w-1080 (medium wave)

             effective width 1000mm

PVC corrugated sheet w-1030(huge wave)

PVC plastic corrugated sheet 1050 trapezoid 

PVC plastic corrugated sheet 900 trapezoid        

 PVC plastic corrugated sheet 920 trapezoid

transparent tile w-720

                 effective width 640

Thickness: 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm ,3.0mm etc.Length: CustomizedRegular colors: Blue, Grey, Red, Green, Brick Red, Brick red, etc Width: 720mm,800mm, 900mm, 960mm, 1000mm etc.Profile: Round wave, Trapezoidal wave PVC corrugated sheet - Features Fire retardant: B1 gradeAnti-corrosion: It resists any chemical corrosion Water proof: 100% water proofImpact capacity: resist impact, tensile and hardly breakable.Weather resistant: The UV agent mixing in the corrugated sheet, which can truly resist the damage of ultraviolet ray. The service life of PVC corrugated sheet  is specially long.Light weight: The weight is light, it can save the other roofing material, then reduce the total cost.Beauty: It has rich and bright colors:Environment friendly: It does not contain asbestos without carcinogen released. PVC corrugated sheet - ApplicationFactories, warehouses, car parks, agricultural and trading markets, road fences, balconies and heat-insulation sheds

 especially ceramics factory ,chemical fertilizer storehouse , galvanization factory, aluminum factory chemical factory .


HoLu roof tile regular colors: Red, light red, Terra Cotta, Grey, Green, Blue, Black etc.

Attention: Special colors are available according to client's color swatch.

(company quality system certification)

HoLu roof tile (Royal style) features

Outstanding Waterproof Property

The high weatherability rein used for PVC corrugated sheet has outstanding waterproof property, let alone water penetration through minor holes.

Self-cleaning PropertyHonglu PVC corrugated sheets are smooth and compact. They are not easy to absorb dusts. After washed out by rainwater, they can become clean again and dirt will not be piled upon the titles.

Stable shape

The expansion rate of plastic steel tile is 4.93Í10/°C. They can stay stable whatever the big change of temperature is, the tiles can adjust themselves to the property of expand with heat and contract with cold.


The maximum value of 1.00mm thickness plastic steel tiles is only 1.85kilogrammes for every one square.

Good flame retardancy

The main material of PVC corrugated sheet is a kind of flame retardant material, with the Refractoriness level reaching level B1.

Good Thermal Insulation and heat insulation Effect

The thermal conductivity for Honglu PVC corrugated sheet  is 0.325W/m.k, which is only 1/3 of clay tiles about 0.325w/mk, 1/5 of thick cement tiles and 1/2000 of color steel tiles with 0.05mm thickness.

Resistance Against Lashes

Under the normal temperature (23°C± 2°C), there will be no crackle or hole on the surfaces of Honglu PVC corrugated sheet when they are hit by a 1kg steel ball falling down from the 1.5m height.

Excellent Anticorrosive Property

The body and surface synthetic resin of Hong Lu PVC corrugated sheet has a terrific anticorrosive property. Its property won’t be decreased after be hit by chemical substances such as acid substances, alkaline substances and chemical compounds. It is perfectly fit for chemical factories, high salt spay corrosion seaside areas and serious aerosol pollution areas.

Good Sound Insulation Effect

The material that PVC corrugated sheet used has good sound insulation effect. It can effectively filter 35% to 50% of the sound .

Better Light penetration than other same type building material

The material that PVC corrugated sheet used has good light penetration .And the rate of light permeation is 20%-30%, increasing indoor daylighting,thus saving the electricity energy.

A new style environmental building material being strongly recommended by the county

The material that PVC corrugated corrugated sheet used can be recycled and reused .when the material was used , it can be deeply processed to be its accessory products (like diesel oil).

excellent dielectric property 

Plastic has excellent insulation, and does not conduct electricity, which increase the safety of building and the dwellers.

excellent color stability , anti-corrosive pvc colored corrugated sheet

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