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sold more then 1000 sets NT-330 T shirt printer
sold more then 1000 sets NT-330 T shirt printer
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Contact Person : Mr. lu pusan
Tel : 86-371-63736538,15038277128
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Product Detail
1.Super format personalized printing at a low cost; 2.Indepensdent design and produce to ensure a price advantage;

NT-330 T shirt printer can be used to print onto t shirts, of course, and toher garments such as polo t shirts, hoodies, sweat shirts, jackets and jeans.

With the ability to decorate such a vide range of agrments,in full color in a mater of minutes, DTG printing is the perfect way forward many modern garment printing business.


1.Portable and useful professional T-shirt printer Pointing at the technique characteristic and the demands of T-shirt ink-jet printing directly, we have designed and produced DTG printers independently, which have a light body (28Kg of NT-330), separate flatbed, and professional high-speed paper-laying system (a special device for Fixing T-shirt). These distinguishing features make the machine easy to be carried,T-shirt printing more effective and easier to operate. (e.g. You could add more than one flatbed to print T-shirts in rotation turn to achieve a  double speed or more). Meanwhile, the feature that the maximum material thickness could reach 18cm,makes it possible to upgrade the machine to a professional adjustable ,all-purpose flat-bed printer which could accept materials whose thickness ranging from 0 to 18cm.

2.More benefits:A.The quite light weight not only helps save long-distance shipping fee, but also improve the safety and perfectly suits our eco-idea in this modern time as well. B. As we all know that, machines with a heavy weight could be easily damaged during the transportation, therefore light in weight is absolutely one of our products’ biggest advantages attributing to the truth that no matter how far a distance it could be, the machine can always be insured to arrive at our customer’s place sound, not only due to the highly safe package and carefully packing efforts, but also more importantly with an extremely light machine body.

3. The speciality of NT-330 textile printer, We have designed a professional printing-software for our textile printing printers ( color separation and management software) ,it is NT-330 RIP soft ware. If you plan to do business in the field of textile printing (such as going on individual character T-shirt and garments printing) , your textile printing business couldn't be called professional (have a good quality) without a professional RIP SW. Because textile fabrics are totally different from ordinary print media (like paper). When the default amount of ink jet designed for ordinary print media is used for textile fabrics, the color saturation couldn't meet the qualification of tex-printing. If you use RIP SW, with which you could adjust the ink-jetting quantity and control colour as well, together with our digital ink-jet printer, you could not only control the quantity of ink-jet according to the character of textile fabric and different patterns (pictures or photos) for your certain printing job, but also adjust the colour curve(ICC). It's excellent function could raise the quality of printing output to a large extent, which could make your printing business professional and of high quality. Printing equipment (hardware) and RIP SW (software) are like the wings of digital ink-jet printing. Without RIP, your printing business would be like a broken-winged bird who is struggling to fly confronting a huge amount of difficulties. Because of the importance of RIP, any customer, who is doing printing business and hasn't used RIP SW before, feel like finding the treasure since their first use of NT-330 RIP SW. Just like they have got the MOTO sword in the tex-printing field. have the powerful printing colour management software NT-330 RIP, your printing business could be so called genuine professional printing

 4. The speciality of the design of NT-330 T-shirt printer To enhance the stability and durability of the machine, the T-shirt printing equipment produced by NT-330 has maintained the original way of printing used by Epson printer. In this way, the performances of NT-330 T-shirt printer (like print accuracy, print dpi, print speed and working life) are in complete agreement with the same type model Epson printer. (type models are distinguished by printer's drivers). This is also a unique feature of NT-330 T-shirt printer compared with other products. Using the world's first-class technology of ink-jet, our product can serve textile printing perfectly.

5.Open type maintenance design The maintenance of circuit modular in our T-shirt printer is in the same way of the same type model Epson printer. They include original printhead

,mainboard,powerboard etc. which are standardizedly designed just like Epson components. This could help customers to maintain it much easier and solve all the general problems during using more conveniently (such as paper out, ink out, any damage in circuits etc.). This makes Epson's after-sale maintenance sources access to our customers from all over the would. This means any technician who has the experience of repairing Epson printers, can solve any problems happened in our DTG printers. It is easy to find this kind of technicians in every city of the world.

6.Standard printer operation interface NT-330 T-shirt printer has the same operation interface and the same way of printing as ordinary ink-jet desk-printers. This can help customers have better feeling when using NT-330 tex-printing machines. Our product also provides a lot of other humanized designs. when you have one, you will find out NT-330 T-shirt printer could be operated and maintained even more conveniently than an ordinary desktop ink-jet printer. If our customer has used an ink-jet printer before, he will feel familiar when using our DTG printers. If you haven't tried any type of printers, you could also understand and handle the way of printing within a few minutes.


Modular and high standard design Having a modularized design, using as many light aluminium alloy materials as possible and produced under high standard, the machines have the lightest body in the printer market (such as NT-330 only weights 28Kg), an extra-wide material input clearance (8cm clearance for flatbed entering ), and a SUPER A3 (A3+) printing size. The metal shell of the machine is made of high-quality cold steeling rolling plate. Its surface has been processed with static spraying plastic(high temperature pre-painting). These designs have provided our inkjet machines with the most durable and beautiful appearance. With the extra-strenghened framework design, the machine could suffer overload external force. This make it suitable for long-distance transportation and it will in a good condition when received by our customers.



           T shirt Digital printer







Packaging size


Printing mode

Inkjet printer(micro piezo head)


High fidelity 6 standard color, CMYKLmLc(or CMYK+ww), Note: textile ink is water based

Printing size


Printing direction

Artificial intelligence type Two way method

Printing speed

Text 9ppm(A4), full color,1.3ppm(A4,360dpi)


USB interface or IEEE1284 compatible 8bit parallel interface(nibble modesupported)

Environment condition

Temperature 10-35°C,moisture20-80%RH

Control code

Epson ESC/P Raster

Edit S/W

Photoshop, corel draw,illustrator,etc

Supply mode of printing

Standard supply mode

Material used

T shirt, garments(clothes),paper carton,box,etc

Pretreating treatment

Printing directly on light garments, but need pre-processing when using white ink for dark textile printing

Rated Power used

AC220v,15w(in power save mode 2.5w)

Printer Driver

Windows 98/2000/xp,visit, win7,Mac os (USB)

The term of quality Guarantee

1 year(excluding printhead)

sold more then 1000 sets NT-330 T shirt printer

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