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high quality Ursolic acid/Loquat Leaf Extract(p.e.)
... extract 3 Specification:25% - 98% HPLC Ursolic acid/Loquat Leaf ExtractSpecificationActive ingredient: Ursolic acid 25% - 98% HPLCGeneral Introduction:Ursolic acid, also known as urson, prunol, micromerol ... pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food preparations3,4. However, upon closer examination, ursolic acid was found to be medicinally active both topically and internally1 ...
Supplier: Xiamen Forever Green Source Biochem Tech. Co., Ltd. [China Manufacturers]

ursolic acid 98%

Apr 30, 2012
ursolic acid 98%
... delivery Loquat leaf P.EPlant Resource: loquat leafPart: leafActive Ingredient: ursolic acid Specification: 98%Colour: white powderTest Method: HPLCCASNO:77-52-1Main ... gao 56TEL: 8615829322311FAX:86-29-62860504http://www.undersun.com.cn/ ursolic acid 98%
Supplier: Shaanxi Undersun Biomedtech Co., Ltd. [China Manufacturers]

Ursolic Acid

Nov 12, 2012
Ursolic Acid
White fine powder good quality and promptly delivery White fine powder good quality and promptly deliveryPurity: 90% HPLFUNCTION:anti-cancer, anti-tumor promoter, F9 teratoma induced cell differentiation and anti-angiogenesis effect. Ursolic Acid
Supplier: Shaanxi King Stone Enterprise Company Limited [China Manufacturers]

Ursolic acid

Apr 29, 2012
Ursolic acid
we have profuse plant extract products with series purity grade and our price is very competitive. Ursolic acid is white power and its CAS number is 77-52-1Purity: 98% HPLCUrsolic acid is anti-inflammatory,antitumor,antimicrobial and it acts as demulcent and an expectorant.If you are interested in, please contact me . thank you. Ursolic acid
Supplier: Changsha Asian Light Economic Trade Co., Ltd. [China Manufacturers]
Ursolic acid/Natural antioxidants/Rosemary extract
... 4.We are manufacturer.. [Specification] Ursolic Acid 15-60%[Color and Form] Claybank Powder[Active ingredient] Ursolic Acid (≥15%,HPLC)[CAS No.] 77-52 ... and high temperature Natural plants to support the natural body Ursolic acid/Natural antioxidants/Rosemary extract
Supplier: Anhui Oricare Biotechnology Co., Ltd. [China Manufacturers]

Ursolic Acid

May 27, 2012
Ursolic Acid
... basil, bilberries, cranberries, elder flower, peppermint. Ursolic acid is a pentacyclic acid, used in cosmetics, that is also capable of ... is well tolerated and can be used topically and orally.Ursolic acid is present in many plants, including , , , , , , , , , , , ... . Apple peels contain high quantity of ursolic acid and related compounds which are responsible for the anti-cancer ...
Supplier: Bright Materials Inc. [China Manufacturers]

Ursolic Acid 98%

Mar 08, 2012
Ursolic Acid 98%
... 4.Less money,Best goods and service Product Name:Ursolic AcidCAS:77-52-1Spec:10%,20%,25%,50%,80 ... Ait.Synonyms: (3β)-3-Hydroxyurs -12-en -28-oic acid; urson; prunol; micromerol; malol.Molecular Formula and Molecular Weight ... anti-hyperglycemia, anti-hyperlipidemic, anthelone , antioxidizable and therapy diabetes. Ursolic acid was exclusively used as emulsifying agents in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and ...
Supplier: Shaanxi Taiji Huaqing Technology Co., Ltd. [China Manufacturers]
Prunella Vulgaris L extract,Spica Prunellae extract,Ursolic acid,prunellin,
... life 2 years Prunella Vulgaris L extract,Spica Prunellae extract,Ursolic acid,prunellin,
Supplier: Yichun Wujiashen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. [China Manufacturers]
Eriobotrya japonica(Thunb.)Lindl. Extract--Corosolic acid
... .)Lindl 4.yellow green powder 5.Free Samp Ursolic Acid Product NameUrsolic AcidLatin NameUrsolic AcidChemical Name(3 beta)- ... ’s requestAction and Uses:Ursolic acid treatment improves the health of skin and hair. Ursolic acid and its derivatives form ... thereby preventing the enzyme from attacking structural proteins. Ursolic acid also inhibits the inflam-matory enzymes cyclooxygenase and lipoxygenase. ...
Supplier: Xi'an Aladdin Biological Technology Co., Ltd. [China Manufacturers]
Standard Shikimic acid 98% sell with USD$120.00/kg CIF by Air,contact Arene Deng from OHI to know more.
... biosynthesis of aromatic compounds in living metabolism. Shikimic acid is a key intermediate in the biochemical pathway ... p-Hydroxyphenylpyruvate) ¡æ L-Phenylalanine (or L-Tyrosine) Shikimic acid is a precursor of many alkaloids, aromatic amino acids, ... Emodin 98% Chlorogenic acid 98% Sesamin 98% Ursolic acid 98%Corosolic acid 1% Corosolic acid 10% Corosolic acid 20% Corosolic acid 98%Bilberry Extract ...
Supplier: Changsha Organic Herb Inc. [China Manufacturers]

Ellagic Acid

Apr 09, 2012
Ellagic Acid
... Pomegranate Extract Punicalagin A + B Ellagic Acid Active Ingredient: Punicalagins Ellagic Acid,PolyphenolsSpecification: Punicalagins (Punicalagin)Test Method: ... The punicalagins (so called punicosides) and ellagic acid are two major antioxidants found in pomegranate, The ... Galanthamine, Banaba Extract 1% Corosolic Acid,Loquat Leaf Extract 25% ursolic acid,Bilberry Extract 25% Anthocyanidins,Black Tea ...
Supplier: Changsha Organic Herb Inc. [China Manufacturers]
Natural Oleanolic acid 98% ligustrum lucidum Extract
... mononuclear cells (PBMC) was investigated Both oleanolic acid and ursolic acid are effective in protecting against chemically induced liver ... the enhancement of the body defense systems. Oleanolic acid and ursolic acid have also been long-recognized to have antiinflammatory ... are stimulating additional research in this field. Oleanolic acid and ursolic acid are relatively non-toxic, and have been used ...
Supplier: Shanghai Waseta Int'l Trading Co., Ltd. [China Manufacturers]

Maca powder

Jul 26, 2012
Maca powder
... 5-HTP, Voacanga Seed Extract Tabersonine, Loquat Leaf Extract Ursolic Acid and Corosolic Acid. Besides, the mode of Make to Order(MTO) is ...
Supplier: Xiamen Top Health Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. [China Manufacturers]
Arctostaphylos fruit extract(Uva-Ursi leaf extract; Arbutin)
... several studies. In addition, the herb contains diuretic chemicals, including ursolic acid, powerful astringents (tannins), and a chemical that helps promote the ...
Supplier: Huzhou N.B.C. Biological Material Co., Ltd. [China Manufacturers]
Sell 100% natural Loquat Leaf powder extract,4:1
... Powder ExtractLatin NameEriobotrya japonica(Thunb.)Lindl.Brand NameJCAppearanceBrown PowderActive Ingredientamygdalin, ursolic acid, Oleanolic acid,Specification4:1 or customizationTest MethodTLCParticle Size90% over 80 MeshMOQ25 ...
Supplier: Shenzhen Jiachen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. [China Manufacturers]
Healthy Natural Chinese Privet extract
... being used during standard cancer therapy. Chemical components:Oleanolic acid, acetyl-oleanolic acid, and ursolic acid etc. are the chief components. EfficacyCardiotonic, anti-tumor ...
Supplier: Beijing Yan Healthcare Technology Co., Ltd. [China Manufacturers]
Manufacturer Supply:Hight Quality 10:1 Black Ant Extract
... Sexual Function English nameBlack Ant ExtractLatin namePolyrhachis vicina RogerMain IngredientFormic acid;Vitamins B1, B2AppearanceBrown Yellow PowderOdorCharacteristicPlant Source:Black AntMolecular formula: CH2O2Mesh ... . Sennoside 10% 20% UV 15)Royal Paulownia leaf P.E. Ursolic Acid 25% 50% 90% 98% HPLC 16)Hydroxypropyl- β- Cyclodextrin 99% HPLC ...
Supplier: Shaanxi Ciyuan Biotech Co., Ltd. [China Manufacturers]
cosmetic raw material and whitening alpha arbutin
... plant Alpha Arbutin leaf.With Arbutin (skin elasticity and compaction), ursolic acid (ursolic acid), arbutin (skin elasticity and compaction), also known as Arbutin, Arbutin ...

Botanical Monomer

Jul 30, 2012
Botanical Monomer
... Curcumin 95% Baicalin 85-95% Baicalein 95-98%% Shikimic acid 98% Yohimbine hcl 1%--98% Quercetin 95-102% Synephrine ... % Resveratrol 1%--98% Oleanolic acid 98% Ellagic acid 90% Fisetin 98% Naringin 95% Neohesperidin 95% Ursolic acid 98% 10-deacetyl baccation III ... 99% Levodopa 99% Chlorogenic acid 25- ...
Supplier: King Way Corporation [China Manufacturers]

Green Tea P. E.

Jun 08, 2012
Green Tea P. E.
... Total phenol 4%;Cichoric acid 4%32 Rosemary Extract Carnosic acid 5-90%;Rosmarinic acid 2.5-20% ... Root Extract Isoflavones/ puerarin 40%37 Chlorogenic acid 25-98%38 Centella Asiatica extract Asiaticoside 10 ... Hawthorn extract Flavnones 10-30%44 Ellagic acid 40-95%45 American Ginseng Extract Ginsenosides ... 8%52 Passion flower extract Flavnones 4%53 Ursolic acid 98%54 Gynostemma extract Gypenosides 20-98% ...
Supplier: Changsha Huir Biological-Tech Co., Ltd. [China Manufacturers]

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