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80 Models of Mature Solar Home System from Future Solar Co.,Ltd, easy to operate&maintain
80 Models of Mature Solar Home System from Future Solar Co.,Ltd, easy to operate&maintain
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Product Detail
1.Biggest supplier:80 models of standard mass product 2.Professional:Fool-style design,simple to use&maintain 3.CE,IEC,ROHS

80 Models of Mature Solar Home System from Future Solar Co.,Ltd, easy to operate&maintain

we are the biggest and most professional solar home system manufacturer in china so far.

welcome to compare and welcome to give us inquiry and requiremnet !  we can satisfy almost all your requirement with the standard and massive produced product at the most competitive price!!

1.Battery we use the Seal Maintain Free lead acid battery,and it's listed company brand LEOCH.

2.Solar panel,we can provide both polycrystalline/monocrystalline,it's up to customers.3.The core:Inverter we have the especial design,110V/220V (50HZ/60HZ)switch,it can be use all over the world.4.The core:Controller our controller design are Foolish-Style design,every plugs are different,it's clear won't make mistake the position,means everyone can use and maintain just need screwdriver.

1. Enterprise Introduction:

1.1 Company brief introduction:

Guangzhou Future Solar Technology Co., Ltd (www.gzfet.com / www.solar-system8.com ) is a comprehensive and high-tech photovoltaic enterprise being engaged in the R&D, production and sales of solar home systems and we are one of the leading pioneers of solar home system's R&D, production & sales in china. Since the establishment in 2006, we’ve built the business motto of “Quality Priority and Brand Management”, and boasts to possess many national patents in line with the FOOL-STYLE designing concept .Each product from Future Solar is standard and massive produced, very easy for every customers to use, and everybody can be the engineer to do the maintenance with the spare parts.

Future Solar owns advanced producing and testing equipment, experienced R&D teams, professional quality controlling department and marketing staffs and multiple certifications. By 2012, the company has successfully produced 8 series more than 80 models of products (5 series of DC systems and 3 series of AC/DC systems), covering most clients' requirements. Our products are popular and well-known in many countries and areas such as India, Nepal, Cambodia, Bengal, Vietnam, the US, Japan, South Korea, Africa and South America, etc.

Future Solar is providing customers standard and professional products with most competitive price, aggressive strategy in accordance with customers’, professional solution, experienced and high-efficiency OEM&ODM service, appearance designs, etc.


1.2 Certification

We have passed CE,IEC, ROHS, SGS, ISO9001:2008 certifications, and we are applying the UL certification in 2012.

2. Product Advantage Introduction/ Product Technique Introduction

we are the biggest and most professional solar home system manufacturer in china so far.

To say the biggest because we have 8series, more than 80 models of standard and massive produced solar home systems 

5 series of DC models   


3 series of AC models



·To say the most professional because all of our products are all fool-style designed.

 The 1st point: our products are extremely easy for all customers to use.


The 2nd point: and the most important point : we don't need to worry about the after-sales maintenance, because everybody can be the engineer to do the maintenance.  


 Technique Designing of DC system



 Technique Designing of AC system


Early from 2006,we have started to research and develop solar home systems based on the designing idea of FOOL-STYLE DESIGN, we are eager to make each of our solar home systems to be very easy for customers to use, and every customers can do the maintenance by themselves without any trouble back at home ,and products must be standard and massive produced to get the price superiority. And the orientation of our company is the controller and inverter which are the core of a solar home system.

Toward this end in view, we devoted to this field only while many other solar application products such as solar phone charger or solar lantern are in the ascendant, we built up the chips, made the strict test, made the adjustment and then made the improvement, and slowly built up the first generation products in 2007, and later extend to a series in 2008, and by the end of 2008,we’ve processed some national patents on this field. And from 2009 we expand the research and development, built up more and more products from the DC to AC, and products are more and more popular in the exhibitions because all of the other products are still DIY then. And in 2010,we moved the factory site to be bigger, speed up everything on this field, we got the CE,IEC certification in 2010, and finally got the SGS and ISO9001:2008 in 2011 ,by 2012,we have built 7 series, more than 80 models of solar home system which are still increasing, and we are applying the UL certification. We can completely cover the normal home used requirements from low to high, and other special requirements too .Beside the home used models, we are also moving forward to the commercial and industrial field we have created huge advantage on the large power solar system.

We are creating brilliant, but we are also looking forward to work with you hand in hand, to spread the most mature solar energy products and technologies worldwide to different countries and regions.

3. Product Overview

Please read the basic introduction of each series of products, we have more models than the pictures showing below, for the specification please see the product catalogues.

3.1 DC series

1) FS-S9 series: DC series, basic and economic series for lighting and phone charging purpose, with 5V+12V output. Solar panel in set is from 4W to 25W

2) FS-S0 series: DC series, higher configuration than S9 series for higher DC electricity demand, for high power DC appliances, with output of 3.3V&5V&8.4V+12V. Solar panel in set is from 8W to 180W.

3) FS-S2 series: DC series, with MP3&FM player,FS-S201&FS-S202 are with 5V+12V output,FS-S203&FS-S204 are with 3.3V&5V&8.4V+12V output. Solar panel in set is from 15W to 50W

4) FS-S8 series(FS-S803&FS-S804): DC models for laptop charging special, with 5V+12V+19V output. Solar panel in set is from 25W to 35W

5) FS-S3 series: special supply series, help customers to break into the market and rule the market finally. Solar panel in set is from 3W to 40W.

3.2 Home AC series

1) FS-S8 series(FS-S805&FS-S806): AC+DC models with MP3&FM player, AC output is 300W pure sine wave. Solar panel in set is from 40W to 50W.

2) FS-S1 series: AC+DC series for conventional home used purpose, with 100W to 1200W output. Solar panel in set is from 25W to 600W.

3) FS-S6 series:AC+DC series with battery connected outside the system case(the controller and inverter integrated machine),with 100W to 3000W output. The standard allocation is without solar panel and battery,but the max supporting solar panel and battery has been listed, Max Solar panel for each model can be from 180W to 7200W.

3.3 High power AC series

FS-S7 series:high power AC series with battery connected outside the system case(the controller and inverter integrated machine),with 3000W to 25KW output.

(This series is under the application for a patent,for specification please contact us.)

4.Our warranty policy and our after-sale solution

The solar power system is composed of 4 parts, solar panel, battery, controller, inverter,

The using life for each components are as below:

1) Solar panel: can last for 15-20 years ,the Pm will not less than 90% in 10 years, and will not less than 80% in 20 years

2) Battery: the battery needs to be changed regularly in about 3 years

3) Controller:the intelligent module, can last for more than 5-10 years under proper operation.

4) Inverter: the intelligent module, can last for more than 5 -10 years under proper operation.

The warranty period:

1) Solar panel: 1 year’s warranty

2) Battery ≥12V38AH :3 year’s warranty

3) Battery <12V38AH:1 year’s warranty

3) Inverter and controller: our core technology, we offer 2 years warranty ,we can offer the spare parts for fee during the warranty period (everybody can be able to maintain the products by themselves) ,and after the warranty period, we can offer the spare parts at the cost price for the maintenance convenience.

The warranty period is 1 year for the whole system except the battery described above(battery is 1-3 years).

For special requirement please contact us.

5.What we can do for customer's business?

1) We offer the most mature and professional products with good performance, customers do not need to worry about the operating and maintenance at all.

2) We offer the most complete range of products, from DC to AC ,from low power to high power, from home used to commercial used, offering the most completely solution to home used solar home system.

3) We can help customers to success in the business united with our strategy.

We are providing full range of professional products, and we can help to keep customer’s benefit for the business due to the severe competition now or in the near future on the field of small DC solar home system. but for the more technical complicated higher power AC systems there is no so severe competition as no many manufacturers can provide mature and very professional and competitive AC systems, but we have this huge advantage.

In a word, we can support you from the basic DC systems first by leaving the profit to you, and you can access rapidly to and quickly rule the market in a most steady way, after that, the business is surely growing for higher power which with more profit, and we will be the one with the best back up force to support your business.

4) We have full experience and most professional skills to help customers to do their own design. please check it below

6.How we do the OEM

We have full experience of doing customer’s OEM products based on our fool-style design and our professional technology parts of controller and inverter, with this core technology as the safeguard, we can build up the most mature and professional design for customers very efficient.

With more than 80 models and the components as the prototype, for building customer’s brand or OEM products, customers only need to think about the color and the shape of the box but no anymore together with our profession.

Until now we’ve built many designs for many big customers and governments all over the world, for the reason of confidentiality agreement business secret,we can not present too many designs on the website or the presentation, but we make sure customer’s design must be the most mature ,reliable,professional, and sophisticated design,becoming the most competitive product on the market.

Here we’ve got the permission from some of our customers, and give some example of our OEM work.

7.The payment term

Future Solar can accept all kinds of trading manners,eg,EXW,FOB,CIF,DDP,DDU etc.

We can also accept any kinds of payment terms,such as T/T ,L/C,D/P,O/A,etc.

8.The Minimum Order Quantity(the MOQ) and Lead Time

MOQ: For every model of the 80s’, the MOQ is 1 set, we sent out hundreds of samples every day.

Lead time: our DC solar system production capacity is 30,000 pcs / month

 welcome to our website : www.solar-system8.com  

80 Models of Mature Solar Home System from Future Solar Co.,Ltd, easy to operate&maintain

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