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Tinned copper wire shielding mesh
Tinned copper wire shielding mesh
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Liquid net,also known as foam net fishing, weaving wire mesh) is a special form of a woven wire mesh, which is made of wire mesh

Liquid net, also known as foam net fishing, weaving wire mesh) is a special form of a woven wire mesh, which is made of wire mesh demister, oil and gas separators, dust, environmental protection, engine silencers, mechanical damping and other major components used in construction, but also in the automotive industry, electronic industry is also widely used.

Wire diameter size range: 0.08 ~ 0.3 of the flat wire or round wire.

Single strand woven, multi-strand braid, metal wire and metal wire (all fibers) woven, etc., may be needed, rolled into the wire-line voltage ripple specifications of various styles Common types of vapor-liquid filter specification standard specifications 40-10060-150 105-300140-400 160-400200-570-effective 60-100 80-10080-150 90-150150-300 200-400300-- 600 high-wear-type 20-100 30-15070-400 100-600170-560 damped 33-30 38-4020-40 26-4030-40 30-5048-50 30-6030-8050-- 120 HG/T21618-1998 Used for liquid screen demister filter specifications are: SP, DP, HR, HP-type four standard specifications.

Used for liquid screen demister filter specifications are: HG5-1404, HG5-1405, HG5-1406, the standard number for the Shanghai Q/SG12-1-79.

Standard provides three types of gas-liquid network, which is the standard type, high efficiency and high-penetration type. For users of all kinds of non woven mesh, such as multi-unit eds seals of various shapes, casing, etc., we can wire diameter mesh size and thickness of customization.

Details 1, the wire through the range: 0.10mm-0.55mm (commonly used by a wire: 0.20mm-0.25mm) In addition, a number of shares of woven wire twisted together.

2, the hole size: from (2 × 3mm) to (4 × 5mm) then (12 × 6mm) Customers can also require fine-tune the hole size. Opening large holes and small holes form of cross arrangement (hole in the length direction is the same size, width not the same)

3, gas-liquid filter surface conditions: smooth-type mesh and pressed into the corrugated corrugated mesh (width and depth of corrugated different specifications)

4, The liquid range of the filter width: 40mm, 80mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400,500 mm, 600mm and so on.

5, Liquid filter of the main materials: copper wire with 0.10 0.12 0.15 0.20 Stainless steel wire with AISI201, 202,301,302,304,304 L, 321,316,316 L, pure nickel wire, titanium wire, monel, galvanized wire, Redrawing Wire, stainless steel wire and cotton or plastic, PP, PC, PE, PVC, PTFE.

Network for industrial gas-liquid areas: Gas-liquid filter is an important role in purifying air and water. Wire mesh demister and mesh mist eliminator can be used to absorb the air stream or flow of water droplets, oil droplets or oil. Gas-liquid filter coil geometry can be precisely designed to meet the detailed requirements of each system.

These types of filters is also able to recall. Made of liquid net and mesh wire mesh demister demister in many chemical plants, refineries, incinerators, metal processing plants and large-scale catering is essential.

Wire mesh demister demister and sometimes up to several meters in diameter, but it can filter particles as small as the size of 3um. Liquid Web for airbags: Now, the car in order to further protect the safety of passengers, are equipped with a number of airbags. Each are equipped with air bags made of gas-liquid airbag filter air filter, air filter, these airbags to cool the gas explosion, to avoid skin burns.

At the same time, compression, and filter out the harmful product explosion. Liquid net other applications: Liquid Web can be used for a variety of oil and gas field machinery manufacturing separator, gas-liquid separator, screen separators, filters, air purifiers. Joint damping pad, shock absorber, damping rings, wire rings, compressor components, pieces of wire wrapping, wire seals.

Electromagnetic shielding shielding ventilation window / waveguide windows, wire mesh shielding gaskets, strip shielding materials, metal mesh screen belt, conductive cloth elastomer, conductive rubber.

And various industry filter, filter, catalyst and distillation, evaporation, absorption and other processes in the droplet entrainment in the gas and liquid in the foam and so on. The use of gas-liquid filter is very broad, with the continuous development of industrial level, it is the application of the liquid filter application areas and have more and more new understanding.

Tinned copper wire shielding mesh

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