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brushless motor(servo)
brushless motor(servo)
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1)small size, light weight, only half weight of clutch motor 2) More than 10 layers 600D Ox 3)energy save65%-80%

Quick & details:

Original:China(mainland) Guangdong                        Bandname:XongChuan

Type:XC-422                                                             Speed:0-3000r/min

Volt:220V                                                                   FREP:50HZ

NW:5KG                                                                     Certificate:ISO9001



The United States this product is non-contact Hall sensor and mature SCR control, electronic brake technology, needle point, precision brakes, easy and flexible operation, with ventilation, heat, cooling function. The product design through CNC brushless motor speed control system of direct drag-driven sewing machine, the realization of the drive control, brake control, feedback control of multi-functional digital control; to make the process of staff in the use of speed convenient, sensitive, operation comfortable, more stable performance. The motor running, is the alternative to the traditional motor of the best clutch products.


1, simple structure, small size, light weight, power clutch with DC motor and the weight of one of the two.

2, the product through the NC brushless motor speed control system of direct drag-driven sewing equipment, convenient speed, flexibility, operating comfort, performance and stability.

 3, efficient energy saving and environmental protection, the electrical work to keep pace with the sewing machine, which means that the stop, no no-load power consumption, power clutch than 60-85% of electric power; and low noise and less heat.

4, strong torque: more than 10 floors to sewing 600D Oxford cloth, electronic brake technology, point needles, precision braking, operation agility, comfort, easy, fast, energy-saving, safety, environmental protection, quiet, a multi-purpose machine. Compared to the clutch motor, there is the advantage of low speed high torque.

5, brushless motor design, no sparks security, long-term use without any parts replacement; run outside during the interference of other small electronic devices.

 6, applies to a wide range of 450W can replace all of the following power levels and DC motor clutch, apply to clothing, leather handbags, shoes, bags, sofa, toys and other industries.

 7, the highest speed adjustable motor to support the 3800RPM, 2800RPM, 1800RPM.

 8, the use of the motor can not have a year to recover the investment cost! Time investment, life-long benefit!

After-sales service: life-long use, there is no restrictions on after-sales service life of the implementation of three bags, non-human causes, including one year, if the quality of warranty replacement of unconditional; warranty outside the normal accessories (such as the controller) TM to provide life-long maintenance; normal wearing parts after 3-5 years, (such as the rotor) TM, just to pay the cost of 50%, it is a new motor, and so that we can always use cycle.


 Enterprises: the quality is indeed very good, good effect, that is, energy saving and increase production, workers are also happy, very satisfied.

Tailor: Very easy, convenient, fast and easy to use and more than the original, and machine repair: almost no maintenance, very good, convenient, energy, electrical: Very good, voltage instability, low motor will not burn.

Traditional products and the product comparison:

 Clutch ordinary induction motor is the electrical output power input power of only about 70%; transfer torque through the friction clutch to the sewing machines, efficiency is only around 70%. Therefore, the real power for the sewing machine is only about 50% utilization. And energy-saving motors (electronic sewing Motor Works) is a DC servo motor, the power utilization for the sewing machine as much as 90%.

Opened ordinary electric power clutch will operate, electricity (that is, no-load electricity, do not step on the foot but also power consumption), and energy-saving motors can be synchronized with the sewing machine, sewing machine stopping power, power (that is, without no-load power consumption, motor does not step on the foot that is not stopping power). These two factors add up to energy-saving motors (electronic sewing Motor Works) than ordinary electric power 60-85% off. , Energy-saving rate is as high as 60-85% of the highly efficient energy-saving electric sewing machine; our company is the production of highly efficient energy-saving electric sewing machine professional manufacturers, energy-saving rate of the product than the regular sewing machine as much as 60-85%, with a low power, low - vibration, temperature rise, the foot-controlled Continuously Variable Transmission, an adjustable five-speed, self-balancing power, full-time servo, automatic positioning, etc. General Electric does not have the excellent performance.

*** *** Free testing statement

First, we give you the unconditional installation of energy-saving XC-422 brushless motor!

The provision of supporting facilities, the results of product testing in order to ensure fair and equitable by the work of field tests that you specify. Allows you to 15-30 days after the free trial, what do you think will be able to power more than 60% (the production of leather shoes can also be reached more than 80% of power, which can be adopted to prove the fact), meet the specification of various parameters, comply with your request, you will buy: If you do not need to do, then in charge of our own back removed and the original motor is installed, will not affect your work.

Second, how can we prove that really so good, so much the province of power it?

We bought two meters (can you buy, we pay) We are responsible for the installation free of charge to you, you can now use the motor (1-5 units) for the assembly of a meter, using energy-saving XC-422 Brushless Motor (1 -- 5) as a group have a meter installed, so after about half the time you will have a pleasant surprise. Let the facts speak for all!

brushless motor(servo)

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