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13003 series transistors
13003 series transistors
Supplier Info
[China Supplier]
Contact Person : Ms. Liu Iris
Tel : 0086-510-88210511
Fax : 0086-510-88226532
Product Detail
We can provide a wide range of integrated circuits

We can supply:Audio power amplifiersRadio ICsPreamplifier sound processorMotor speed controller and motor driver, digital alarm clockICs for TVPower supply controller and voltage regulatorICs for telephoneOperational amplifier and voltage comparatorOther ICs:U587, U651, U652, UC3842A, UC3842A, UC3842B, UC3843A, UC3843A T/R, UC3844, UC723, ULN2003, ULN2003 T/R, ULN2004, ULN2803, ULN2803 T/R, UM601, UM601 T/R, UM602, UM603, UM66T05L, UM66T11L, UM66T19L, UM66T32L, UR132, UR133, UR133-1.9V-C, UR133-2.5V-B,C, UR133-3.3V-B,C, UR133-3.3V-D, UR233, US104S, US108S, UT131, UT136, UT137, XL1225, X3211, UZ1086, UZ1085, UT84520, UT169, UT151, UT150, TBA810, TBA820, TA8126, TA8207K, TA8227P, TA8316, LM8560, LM8562, KA8602, TC9148, TC9149, TC9150, TC9153, LA7910, LD1117, CXA1191, µPC1316C, µPC1353, µPC1366, µPC1379, LB1403, µPC1470, TDA1519, LA1600, CXA1619, LA1800, LA1823, TA7796, TA7738P, TA7678, TA7668, TA7666, TA7640, AN7523, TA7368P, TA7343, AN7312, TDA7231, LC72131, LC72130, AN7112, TDA7088T, KA7000, AN6884, LAG668, AN6652, AN6651, AN6650, LAG665, LA4192, BA6392, KIA6283, KIA6282, BA6220, BA6208, BA5954, BA5901, LA5530, M54573, M54123, AN5265, CD4053, LA4570, NJM4560, NJM4558, LA4533, TL431, LA4165, RV4145, LA3600, NJM3414, MC34119, MC34063, MC34018, MC3361B, LA3161, AN5151, TDA2822, TDA2611, LM2576, KA2411, KA2402, NJM2368, KA2284, KA2281, PT2258, PT2256, KA22241, NJM2073, BU407, CD1393, CW574, CXA1191, D45H2, D65H2, D882SS,D965SS, DTA114E, DTA124E, DTA144, DTB114E, DTC114E, DTC124E, DTC144, DTD114E, HE8050, HE8050 ECB, HE8051 EBC, HE8550, HE8550 ECB, HE8551 EBC, IMT2A, IMX17, IMX2, IMZ2A, K1109, K596, K596, KA22241, KA22427, KA8602, KA8602, KA8602 T/R, L6219, LA2284, LAG665F, LAG668, LD1117, LD1117-2.5V-A, LD1117-2.5V-D, LD1117-3.3V-A, LD1117A, LD1117A-1.8V-A, LD1117A-2.5V-A, LD1117A-2.5V-A, LD1117A-3.3V-A, LD1117A-ADJ, LD1117-ADJ, LD1117-ADJ-A, LM2937, LM2954, LM2954, LM317, LM317L, LM317T, LM317L T/R, LM318, LM324, LM324 T/R, LM339, LM339 T/R, LM358, LM358 T/R, LM386, LM386 T/R, LM393, LM393 T/R, LM556, LM8560, LMV358, LP2950, LP2951, LP2951 T/R, LS1240A, LS1240A T/R, LT1304, M2107, M2110, M28S, M2950, M2951, MC1458, MC1458 T/R, MC3361BP, MC34018, MC34063, MC34072, MC34074, MC34118, MC34119, MC4556, MC4558, MC4560, MC4580, MCR100, MCR101, MCR106, MJD210, MJE13003, MJE13005, MJE13007, MJE13009, MJE2955T, MJE3055T, ML1225, MMBT1015, MMBT1616A, MMBT1815, MMBT2222A, MMBT2907A, MMBT3904, MMBT3906, MMBT4401, MMBT4403, MMBT5088, MMBT5089, MMBT5401,MMBT5551, MMBT9012, MMBT9013, MMBT9014, MMBT9015, MMBT9018, MMBTA06, MMBTA13, MMBTA14, MMBTA42, MMBTA44, MMBTA92, MMBTA94, MMBTH10, MPSA05, MPSA06, MPSA113, MPSA13, MPSA14, MPSA194, MPSA42, MPSA44, MPSA55, MPSA56, MPSA92, MPSA92M, MPSA94, MPSH10, NE555, NE555 T/R, PCR406, PN2222A, PN2907A, PZT2222A, PZT4033, PZTA44, PZTA92, RCR02, RCT02, S8550, TA2003, TA31001, TA31002, TA31142, TA7368, TA7613AP, TA7640AP, TA7738P, TA8207K, TA8227P, TBA820M, TDA2003, TDA2030A, TDA2822, TDA7088, TDA2822H, TDA2822 T/R, TEA1062, TEA1062A, TEA2025, TEA2025A, TF202, TIP107, TIP110A, TIP122, TIP127, TIP31C, TIP32C, TIP41C, TIP42C, TL062, TL072, TL074, TL1451, TL431, TL431L, TL432, TL494, TL5001, U584, U585 Packing:Standard export packageborder=0>

13003 series transistors

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