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Yanmar solenoid 1503ES-12S5SUC5S
Yanmar solenoid 1503ES-12S5SUC5S
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Yanmar solenoid 1503ES-12S5SUC5S

Yanmar solenoid 1503ES-12S5SUC5S 

Yanmar solenoid 1503ES-12S5SUC5S  
Article NO.:  VE-169 (12V  DC)
For:  Yanmar Generator R55-7  R60-7
Part Number: 119653-77950

We are one of very few MANUFACTURE of WOODWARD type fuel shutoff solenoid, shutdown shutdown solenoid valves, in China, used on the fuel injection pump of various diesel engines. The same quality will be offer at a moderate price.

 Below are partial of fuel stop solenoid Valve for your referece, please check

 1 3991624 3991625 12V/24V DC CUMMINS stop solenoid ,Construction Machinery 2 3991168 12V/24V DC CUMMINS ,Construction Machinery 3 3911620 24V DC CUMMINS  6CT 4 3932530  3935432 3932529 12V/24V DC CUMMINS 5.9B-C,HYUNDAI Excavator5 SD-005A2 24V DC FAW shut off solenoid6 SD-003A2 24V DC FAW Valvula Solenoide7 3926412, RE502473 12V/24V DC CUMMINS ,Hitachi 8 3935457 12V/24V DC CUMMINS 9 3973958 37Z36-56010A" 24V DC CUMMINS 6CT shut off solenoid10 3936026 12V/24V DC CUMMINS 6CT11 3935649 3965091 3935289 Ford No. BG2X9N392AA VW No. 2UO0130764 -12V  3935650 3970416  Ford No. 2TO201114A VW No. 2TO201114A-24V 12V/24V DC   Cummins Serie C - 6C 8.3L Ponta Olhal Conector Flat- 12VCummins Serie C - 6C 8.3L Ponta Olhal Conector Flat- 24V12 37Z36-56010 12V/24V DC CUMMINS 6CT13 3935650-24V   3935649-12V" 12V/24V DC CUMMINS 6CT synchro start14 OE52318 24V DC Perkins 2006 ,3008 ,3012 Series15 SA-3838 12V/24V DC CUMMINS stop solenoid16 3906398, 3906776 12V/24V DC CUMMINS Generator17 11E1-60100-24 24V DC CUMMINS,Hyundai 210 Excavator Construction Machinery18 3930234 3923680 12V/24V DC Cummins,  KingLong Bus  Construction Machinery3930233 - 12V  3930234 - 24V19 12V/24V DC  DONGFENG BUS Valvula Solenoide20 Woodward NO.: SA-3933 12V/24V DC CUMMINS,Excavator 21 B4002-1115030 12V/24V DC Yuchai Diesel stop solenoid22 3928219 , D59-105-04  Woodared NO.:SA-4813 12V/24V DC OUMAN,SDE 6114 Diesel Construction Machinery23 D59-105-05 Woodared NO.:SA-4813 1751-2467 12V/24V DC OUMAN,SDE 6115 Diesel Construction Machinery24 D59-105-10 Woodared NO.:SA-4813 24V DC "OUMAN,SDE 6116 Diesel Construction Machinery25 3964622 12V/24V DC CUMMINS stop solenoid26 3926412 12V/24V DC CUMMINS shut off solenoid27 34415441 232C-1115030  12V/24V DC Yuchai Diesel 6112 shut-down solenoid28 3921980 24V DC  CUMMINS, Kinglong Bus, cutting-off solenoid valve29 3921980 24V DC  CUMMINS, Kinglong Bus30 YC4110ZQ 12V/24V DC "Dongfeng light truck, Yuchai Diesel synchro start31  12V/24V DC FAW CA4D32TC32 37V66-56010 1751ES-24E6ULB1S1" 12V/24V DC CUMMINS,KingLong Bus 05CF24 33  12V/24V DC KingLong 9 meter Bus 34 1756ES-24E3ULB1S5  Woodared NO.:SA-4735 11033561 12V/24V DC Construction Machinery35 3354943 961000780024 TDR130645 12V/24V DC Cummins Serie B 5.9L Round Connector36 05CF-26A  12V/24V DC Yuchai Diesel37 05CF-26  12V/24V DC Yuchai Diesel synchro start 38  12V/24V DC Yunnei Diesel cutting-off solenoid39  12V/24V DC Yuchai Diesel YC411240  12V/24V DC Yuchai Diesel QT202C41  12V/24V DC Yuchai Diesel QT202B42  12V/24V DC Yuchai Diesel QT202A  (with two-pin)43  12V/24V DC Yuchai Diesel QT202A (with three-pin)44 37V84A-56010 37V78-56010 24V DC cutting-off solenoid valve45 3939019 3932545 12V/24V DC Cummins ,Construction Machinery46 1751ES-12A3UC12B1S 12V/24V DC Hyundai Small- Excavator47 1752ES,RSV,KRT 12V/24V DC Cummins Generator Dodge Cummins 5.9L48 SD-007 12V/24V DC Shangchai Diesel, Oukang, Aolong shut-down solenoid49 4942879  (with  protective) 3974947 (without protective) 24V DC Cummins 6CT,Kinglong Bus shut-down solenoid50  12V/24V DC FAW Jiefang 3.75Ton51 XHF-1121 12V/24V DC Foton 483 Diesel52 XHF-2406C 12V/24V DC  81Y,DC ,Heavy Truck (Push-type)53 (XHF-2403C) Y15,XC 12V/24V DC Heavy Truck (Pull-type)54 1503ES-12S5SUC5S 119653-77950 12V  DC Yanmar Generator R55-7  R60-755 3357411 2TO130764 12V/24V DC "Cummins Serie B 5.9L  Flat Connector, cutting-off solenoid valve56 3919423   24VDC 12V/24V DC Cummins shut-down solenoid57 3930234 12V/24V DC Cummins

58 3415706 12V/24V DC Cummins 59 SA-3765 12V/24V DC Cummins Valvula Solenoide60 3957411 12V/24V DC Cummins 61 3991168, 3991167 12V/24V DC CUMMINS ,Construction Machinery 62 3708030-50 12V/24V DC FAW TRUCK, CA15163 3928160 3928161 12V/24V DC  Cummins,Komatsu, Hitachi,Hyundai64 0419 9903 12V/24V DC DEUTZ,Construction Machinery65 0427 2956 12V/24V DC DEUTZ,Construction Machinery66 C3415706 12V/24V DC CUMMINS,Construction Machinery67 3918219 12V/24V DC

68 3918220 12V/24V DC CUMMINS,Construction Machinery69 3935430 12V/24V DC CUMMINS,Construction Machinery70 RD01001 12V/24V DC 71 EP071 12V/24V DC CUMMINS,Construction Machinery72 EP072 12V/24V DC CUMMINS stop solenoid,Construction Machinery73 RD01001 12V/24V DC CUMMINS,Construction Machinery74 970120012010 TAR130805 24V DC MWM  Flat Connector 24V75 3357411 961000780034 2TB130805 24V DC MWM Round Connector 24V76 3921978 3918600 3918343 TJG130805 12V  DC Cummins Serie C - 6C 8.3L  Flat Connector 12V77 907120120014 12V  DC 78 1503ES-12S5SUC12S 119233-77932 12V  DC  Yanmar stop solenoid79 1503ES-12S5SUC11S 12V  DC  Yanmar shut-down solenoid80   Cummins synchro start81 3905691 3970416 12V/24V DC CUMMINS Construction Machinery 82 1503ES-12A5UC9S SA-4561-T 38292 C-25-15230-01 12V DC Kubota stop solenoid83 1503ES-12A5UC5S SA-4569-T 9956742 12V DC Kubota Valvula Solenoide84 1503ES-12A5UC5S 2848A279 7879485 12V DC Perkins synchro start85 SA-4934 12V DC  Perkins shut off solenoid86 25-38109-05Z 12V DC 87 1751ES-12A3ULB1S1A 12V DC Valvula Solenoide88  12V / 24V DC  komatsu shut off solenoid89  12V DC  komatsu shut-down solenoid90 4063712 12V / 24V DC komatsu PC300-791 RE53507 12V / 24V DC JOHN DEER shut off solenoid92 RE53559 12V / 24V DC JOHN DEER synchro start93 1751-12E7U1B1S5 12V / 24V DC 94 600-815-7550 SA-4269 12V / 24V DC 95 04225651 2001ES 12V / 24V DC Cummins, Hitachi stop solenoid96  12V DC YUCHAI 4F90 - FOTON 97  12V DC Cummins shut-down solenoid98  12V DC Cummins99 SA-4259-12 12V DC Kubota 3A  100 1751-12A2U1BS1A 1751-24A2U1BS1A 12V / 24V DC 101 153 ES    12V 600-815-7550  24V 12V / 24V DC Mitsubishi, Komatsu WA320-3102 3931196  3934171 1751ES 12V / 24V DC Kubota 4HP, Cummins stop solenoid103. 1503ES-12A5UC11S 2848A279 7879485 12V DC Perkins.

Yanmar solenoid 1503ES-12S5SUC5S

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