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Energy water Dispenser, Alkaline water maker
Energy water Dispenser, Alkaline water maker
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This the latest water disperser which can work for the tap water and produce alkaline water. Great-tasting water!!!!!


Bio Energy Water System

Water makes up 70% of the total area of earth, where 97% is salty seawater; 2% is glacier. However, the nature has an inconceivable processing system, which can utilize sunlight and almost every element on the earth to produce healthy natural living water, so as to transform the earths water into drinking water.

Energy water provides magnetite resonance to turn the water molecule clusters into smaller ones and drives it violently into a powerful permeation energy carried with a high capacity of oxygen. It does activate and accelerates the speed of excreting poison. It is very pure and does not give a side effect. Energy water could restrain the multiplication of microbe and idioblast and makes the normal cells safe growing. It improves organs back to the natural instinct and makes the living creature recoverable to the healthy status.

Energy water is an environmental free inside human body, it can eliminates poison from cells, increases metabolism, strengthens body immune system and helps us prevent from disease like calculas, enter gastritis, cancer, indigestive system, hepatitis, hypertension, uric & gout, insomnia, sexual, dysfunction, heart trouble, diabetes and tumor. The mineral elements create substance which is good for animals and plants. The alkaline energy water is family good companion which is can use for washing face to improve skin and prevent from aging and also can leaves the plants fresh. Using the energy water to wash vegetable and fruit and then soaked in energy water for 30 minutes, the pesticides residue on vegetable and fruit will remove and keep them fresh. Besides than, it is delicious for all cooking as when making a coffee or a tea, the astringent and bitter taste will be gone. It increases a pleasant odor and returns an original taste.


1. Pure and safe exceeding the guidelines for drinking water quality stipulated by the World Health Organization (WHO)! Suitable for direct consumption without boiling!2. Contains essential minerals, with a smoother and more pleasant taste!3. Easily absorbed by our body to enhance metabolism!4. Removes accumulated toxins and improves health!5. Effectively eliminates chlorine and its health-threatening by-products in tap water, thus reducing cancer risk!


a. High Quality Ceramic Filter - less than 0.9 micron.b. Activated Carbon Filter - maximum pollution control.c. Bacteriostatic Filter - kill germ & bacteria.d. Cellulose Filter - for dangerous particlee. Bio Energy Transformer - to break water molecule, increase body metabolism.f. Wide Energy spectrum for effective blood distribution. Mineral and calcium provider to daily drinking water. Increase body immune, for healthy and beautiful life.

Bio-Energy water system is a great creation for human health. Its pure water is much better than RO system. It can accelerate metabolism, increase oxygen in water, lengthen cell life and also improve physical quality. In a word, its advantages are much more than RO system. Energy water system is a necessary ware for human health. Most important of all, energy water is medical for uric acid and gout. Below is the introduction of every stage of energy water system.

PP filter: to eliminate dirt, hair, dust, sand, pollen and pollution.

ceramic filter cartridge from uk: to eliminate bacteria and virus. The water quality via the stage gets clean to drink without boiling. 99. 7% purification.

high iod-post carbon filter: it's better and safer than other post carbon filter and can delete chlorine, organicity, pesticide, chemicals and heavy metal.

multi-stage pai wave magnetic activator: to get drinking water more absorptive for body, accelerate metabolism and increase oxygen in water. Body isn't apt to get tired. Cell life can get longer after absorbing sufficient energy water.

far infrared rays water small molecule activator: to get water molecule smaller as small as active water. Active water can accelerate metabolism, activate water, strengthen resistance for the maintenance of face, health and life and also keep oxygen in water. The ph of energy water is less than 7 so physical quality can be improved and get better if drink long term.

If put a cup of wine, soy sauce, coffee, vinegar or tea in a cup of energy water, you would find the tastes would get better. That is energy water can change the taste of drinks better. That's very magical.Below are the advantages of energy water system.Energy water is alkaline, but RO water is acerbic. Energy water can keep mineral substance, but RO water system almost eliminates mineral substance.

6 Filters Energy Living Water System

The most advance energy transformation and water creation system.Through the six filter tubes with high density, it can give the full play to the six filtration processes with simulative natural ecosystem, which will then provide us with high quality of water thats just same as the spring water.

Cartridge 1: Purified & Bactericidal SystemA Dupont MicroFree Anti-Bacteria PP Filter and an Activated Carbon Block Filter. Effectively remove rough and solid sediment. There is a bactericidal effect at water inlet in order to make the stayed bacteria hard to on reproduction. Decompose toxicant and make water into smaller molecule that easy to be deal with the follow-up precise cartridge.

Cartridge 2 : Ceramic Filtration SystemMade from Diatomaceous Earth (deposits from the bottom of lakes and lagoons that have been compressed and baked at high temperatures), this ceramic filter has a consistent minute pore size of 0.3~0.6 micron to quarantine smaller sludge, rust and chemical matters. To make water alkalized & separate varied bacteria and impurities.

Cartridge 3 :Water Purification SystemThe US made compressed active carbon cartridge can filter and absorb impurity and eliminate remnant of chloride, trihalomethanes, chlorine-ammonia as well as the peculiar smell of water and to make the water sweeter.

Cartridge 4 :Exchange Resin SystemAmerican NSF authenticates the positive ion resin exchange, which is in order to reduce carbon acid calcium magnesium lime that can lead to calculus or stone problem, so that the hardening degree of water becomes moderate. Japan medicine with high absorption 1250ppm/g, which the active carbon grains can absorb peculiar smell in the water, colors and harmful remnant of pollutants including chlorine, heavy metals and others carcinogenic chemical.

Cartridge 5 : Energy Regenerated SystemA powerful EC3000 Energy Converter, with bio-ceramic beads made of 26 clays and mineral oxides, creates magnetization and vibration to improve the capacity of oxygen with healthful energy. It can let water remain in refresh condition. The EC3000 is designed to last a lifetime.

Cartridge 6 :Decompose Poison and Absorb Heavy Metal SystemU.S.A. High precise and condense Activated Carbon Filter Block and KDF Granular Activated Carbon Block is passed under NSF criterion. Another world class quality of activated carbon can completely absorb and decompose poison, heavy metal and carcinogen.

Energy water resonates with the energetic vibrations of our body. When we drink living water, it amplifies, animates our own energy force.


Energy water Dispenser, Alkaline water maker

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